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“Whether it was adjusting to a new environment as an international student or getting help in academics and recruiting, there has always been someone amongst the students, faculty, and staff that I could reach out to for help in achieving my goals.”

Daytime MBA

Class of 2020
Consulting/General Management

Prior Education:

Birla Institute of Technology
and Science, Pilani
Mechanical Engineering, 2009
Mumbai, India

Why I Chose Fuqua

I wanted to learn and grow both as a student and as an individual at an organization that I truly believed in. Education, to me, in a true sense is a journey to self-discovery, a journey where I have found willing partners at Fuqua looking to synergize and inspire each other to evolve into unrelenting leaders. Also, the greater Duke community, the beautiful weather in Durham, and countless fun things going on are just the icing on the cake and make me more than happy about my decision to join Fuqua!


5 Restaurants You Won’t Want to Miss in Durham

  1. Viceroy—Great place for Indian cuisine. They can customize the “hotness” of the Indian dish as per your preference. I would recommend to stick to level 4 unless you are a pro.
  2. Pizzeria Toro—The pizzas are unique and fresh. You can actually see the chef making the pizza from your seat! My favorite pizza is the soft egg and spicy lamb meatball.
  3. Burger Bach—One of the best burgers I have had in Durham! The Wanaka Chicken burger is my favorite.
  4. Dain’s—This is a favorite Dukie hangout for many students. The atmosphere here gets very electric especially if there is a Duke basketball game on.
  5. The Refectory Café—A hidden gem. The salads are made from locally sourced foods and they are amazing. The veggie goat cheese quiche is highly recommended.

My Life Before Fuqua

I started my career in the Indian nuclear industry as a nuclear systems design engineer. Later, I pursued a master’s in supply chain and operations and was working as a consultant in a subsidiary of ITC, a major Indian conglomerate in consumer packaged goods, tobacco, hotels, and agribusiness.

My Life After Fuqua

I intend to join a management consulting firm working in the consumer goods area. I would piggyback on my experience in operations consulting and digital strategy for CPG clients to develop an Omni-channel presence and drive process improvement and sustainability across the entire value chain.

My Fuqua Activities

Consulting Club


Design & Innovation Club


General Management Club


(LEADS) Leadership Engagement and Discussion Series


Tech Club

LEADS (Leadership Engagement and Discussion Series)

LEADS has given me an opportunity to learn about leadership experiences and practices in different global firms and industries through the experiences of my peers at Fuqua.

What I Love About Durham

Durham has a very lively social scene. As a student, there are many opportunities to explore and get involved. The food scene here was a total surprise to me. My favorite restaurant is Viceroy, which serves an Indian/continental fusion palate. There is always an interesting event taking place at the Carolina Theatre, the Durham Performing Arts Center or at Duke.

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