MQM Student Mayanka Dethe
"The MQM program's intense workload, juggling multiple projects with tight deadlines, proved to be a valuable and formative leadership experience for me. It honed my ability to thrive under pressure while fostering trust and productive collaboration with my diverse teammates within a short period of time."

MQM: Business Analytics

Class of 2024

My Program Track:

Health Tech

Prior Education:

King’s College London
Economics and Management
Mumbai, India

Why I Chose Fuqua

With three years of professional experience under my belt, I returned to school seeking a program that fostered a strong sense of community. Fuqua's intentional approach to building connections truly impressed me. I was particularly drawn to their emphasis on Decency Quotient (DQ) and empathetic leadership. Fuqua seemed like a place that valued the kind of leader I aspire to be. Here, I would be surrounded by individuals who understand the importance of continuous effort towards building a diverse and inclusive environment. The prospect of shared experiences and fostering connections with like-minded peers was incredibly appealing.

Before Fuqua

Prior to Fuqua, I worked as an IT analyst specializing in the airline industry for three years. Looking to pivot from IT to tech product strategy, I found the perfect fit in the MQM: Business Analytics program. Its Strategy concentration aligned with my goals, offering both business skills and data analytics training.

After Fuqua

Building on my IT background, I'm eager to transition to a product strategy and management role. The MQM: Business Analytics program has equipped me for this pivot by developing both analytical skills and a customer-centric business perspective. I'm looking forward to applying these skills in a consumer-oriented industry such as travel and hospitality or health tech, where I can create solutions that truly impact users.

5 Ways to Make the Most of Term Breaks in Durham

  1. Embrace the seasons at Duke Gardens. Witness the vibrant fall foliage, the explosion of spring blooms, or the serene beauty of winter trees— each visit offers a stunning new perspective every break.
  2. Explore Duke's libraries and campus. Delve into the university's awe-inspiring libraries and attend exciting events hosted by student groups. It's a perfect way to connect with the wider Duke community.
  3. Winter Break challenges and hackathons. Take part in some of the hackathons and events hosted by the Duke Graduate School. Attending the Master's Impact Challenge, a problem-solving retreat with my fellow Duke graduate students, was a highlight of my winter break!
  4. Attend an MQM day trip. Exploring the cities around Durham with my MQM teammates on these organized day trips was truly a pleasure. Mingling with alumni and gaining valuable insights into their experiences was an added bonus!
  5. Reconnect with your MQM teammates and the program team ahead of the Spring Term. Kick off the new year by attending events hosted by the MQM program team. Reconnecting with your classmates and recharging before the semester kicks in was a great way to ease back into the swing of things!

My MQM Track

The versatility of the Strategy track initially attracted me. It offers a comprehensive understanding of a core business function that impacts everything within an organization. This versatility equips me to explore diverse fields and enter any industry armed with the tools to analyze and comprehend the strategic forces at play. The foundational Strategic Management course has been instrumental in building a solid understanding of various industries. More surprisingly, the Empirical Economic Analysis module has proven to be an incredibly insightful course. Despite its rigorous quantitative nature, it provides a strong foundation in critical thinking and logical reasoning skills essential for any successful strategist.

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