Michael Mann
“I have developed drastically as a leader in a matter of just ten months. My classmates more than anything have empowered me and helped me transform into a more vocal servant leader.”

MMS: Foundations of Business

Class of 2017

Prior Education:

Duke University
Visual & Media Studies, 2016
Denver, Colorado

Why I Chose Fuqua

As an undergrad at Duke, I had lots of interactions with the business school. Every person and professor I met was a class act and exemplified the spirit of teamwork. The willingness of everyone to offer me advice and insights into a personal business venture made me realize that these were people I wanted to be surrounded by. Fuqua is the #3 business school in the country—I knew a world-class education straight out of undergrad was a unique opportunity that would give me the business acumen to accomplish the audacious goals I’d set for my life.

During Fuqua

I’m the Co-President of our student organization, the MMSA. I’m also an active member of the Improv Club, the Consulting Club, and the Entrepreneurship Club. I play intramurals—both basketball and ultimate Frisbee.

After Fuqua

I plan to continue working on the start-up I founded as an undergraduate. Entrepreneurship is my passion, and ideally, I would like to continue my venture in Colorado, doing what I love until life takes me elsewhere!  

What I Love About Professor Ramon Lecuona

I had never been exposed to Strategy before Ramon’s class. He was able to take an unfamiliar subject and turn it into a really fun and engaging experience; I learned so much. Ramon is passionate about what he teaches, and that can be felt by everyone in the class.  I wish I’d known half of what he taught us when I originally started working on my start-up! It seemed after every class or case I had learned something that was directly applicable to the experience I had in my business. Now, I am much more confident in approaching business situations.

Master of Management Studies: Foundations of Business

Undergraduate Majors

Liberal Arts (33%)
Business/Accounting (24%)
Engineering/Natural Sciences (18%)
Economics (17%)
Other (8%)

Typical Class Demographics
MMS: Foundations of Business

Average Age


Average Work Experience

6 months or less

Countries Represented


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