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“My team is comprised of people from different academic backgrounds and different parts of the world. Each day I get to know and learn a different aspect of the culture, the background, and the way of thinking of each integrant, which has changed entirely the way I process everything from the first day I arrived.”

MQM: Business Analytics

Class of 2019

My Program Track:


Prior Education:

Technological University of Panama
Systems and Computing Engineering, 2015

Why I Chose Fuqua

Big data is trending right now, and I wanted to join this trend and continue advancing my career by completing a data analytics program. Fuqua’s MQM program stood out to me because of the way it’s designed—I was attracted to the ability to select which track you wanted to learn. The opportunity to also choose electives from the other tracks will help me become well-rounded, which will ultimately help in my career.

Before Fuqua

After undergrad, I started working at a market research company and embarked on a journey toward discovering one of my passions: analysis. During my time in that role, I improved the efficiency of data sourcing and gained the trust of clients, which allowed me to work with them on their objectives.

After Fuqua

As the digital revolution continues, data complexity will continue to grow, requiring more sophisticated and specialized methods and tools to convert data into useful information. I hope to apply the tools I developed at Fuqua within a company where I can immerse myself in a results-driven environment.

My MQM Track

My background in marketing research has helped me in some aspects with the Marketing track, but I am quickly realizing how much more there is to learn. My goal is to gain all the knowledge I can to use data effectively to make well-founded business decisions.

5 Random Things About Me

  1.  I grew up on a Mediterranean island called Mallorca. It’s so small that you can literally drive through all of it in 3 hours. But don’t be deluded—though small, it’s full of history, culture and breath-taking landscapes.
  2. When I was 2 years old, I thought I was Michael Phelps and jumped into a pool thinking I could be a natural swimmer. My parents were unaware of my mischief and a then-member of Panama’s Senate (and current magistrate) jumped into the pool—wearing a full suit—and saved me.
  3. I’m an advocate of the one-course meal standard. That course should be dessert.
  4. I don’t like needles. When I was 8, I broke my arm so badly that I needed surgery to put the bone back in place. When I woke from the surgery, I was shouting, “My arm hurts.” My doctors were confused, as my recently operated-on arm had a nerve block. Turns out I was talking about the IV in my other arm.
  5. I wear sneakers all the time even though I only exercise roughly 5% of the time. I prefer comfort over appearances all the time.
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Class of 2019
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