Mohamed Shahine, MSQM: BA '23
“The team experience at Fuqua is unique. Our team of peer students works together to reach consensus through logic, collaboration, and support to one another. Learning to reach consensus in this setup allows us to develop great leadership behaviors and influencing skills, which we can apply in our professional roles, as opposed to relying on hierarchy in decision-making.”
Director, Analytics and Insights
The Coca-Cola Company

MSQM: Business Analytics

Class of 2023
Consumer Packaged Goods

Prior Education:

Helwan University
Commerce (Accounting), 2005
Cairo, Egypt


The quality of online learning at Fuqua is at the top compared to other online experiences I have encountered throughout my professional development. The combination of well-structured/laser-focused, pre-recorded lectures, along with the weekly live classes, provides great coverage of the materials and allows for effective interaction between the students and faculty professors. Fuqua professors have genuine care, support for us as students, and have always extended additional time through office hours, emails correspondence, and additional lectures throughout the program.

Before Fuqua

Coming into the MSQM: BA program, I was a finance professional and a CFA, specializing in corporate development and mergers & acquisitions at The Coca-Cola Company.

After Fuqua

While in the program, I was offered an interesting opportunity to lead the Procurement Analytics and Insights team at The Coca-Cola Company, which requires leadership across multiple areas including performance assessment, business analytics, and insights. The program gave me an advantage for this opportunity—I plan to continue using what I’ve learned to expand into leadership roles in Corporate Finance & Analytics.

My Favorite Professor

I was impressed by the knowledge and learnings I got from Professors Mohan Venkatachalam and Simon Gervais in the introductory Accounting/Finance class. The faculty's approach focused on providing clear, yet very simple answers to the “Whys” behind several complicated guidelines or methodologies in finance, which we tend to take as-is from past experiences. The learning experience in this class not only helped me in gaining new knowledge in business analytics, but also expanded my knowledge in Accounting and Finance.