Master of Quantitative Management: Health Analytics Student Naquan Ishman
“My learning teams were amazing! Throughout the program, there was always an expert on the team that had a real-world understanding of the various health analytics topics we were exploring. I learned just as much from my learning teams as I did from coursework throughout the program.”
Principal Strategic Advisor - Commercial Life Sciences

MSQM: Health Analytics

Class of 2022
Computer Software

Prior Education:

Cornell University
Biological Engineering, 2001
Brooklyn, New York


I’ve been able to apply many things from the program in my career. One technique I applied is a form of machine learning called reinforcement learning to develop personalized digital engagement journeys for health care providers, to overcome in-person access challenges stemming from the pandemic. Traditionally, biopharma promoted drugs through in-person engagements between healthcare providers and their representatives. The pandemic turned this engagement model on its head, shifting reliance to digital-only channels. Reinforcement learning algorithms analyze digital data quickly to deliver the right message at the right time regarding the right patient to providers in an orchestrated and personalized way to increase patient access to care.

Before Fuqua

I was VP of Solutions Engineering at Decision Lens. I was charged with developing the technical sales strategy for Decision Len’s prioritization and resource optimization software platform across the Public Sector and Commercial Life Sciences verticals. I also structured operational processes and monitored performance of Decision Lens’s Solutions Engineering Division.

After Fuqua

During the program I took on a new role as Principal Strategic Advisor, Commercial Life Sciences at SAS. In this role I am a domain expert who helps biopharma, biotech, and medical devices companies incorporate advanced analytics across their value chain to decrease time to market for new therapies and devices, and to increase patient access.

My Favorite Professor

All of the MSQM professors are amazing, so it is hard to pick one. However, I particularly enjoyed Professor Peng Sun, who teaches Decision Models. Professor Sun was able to teach complicated concepts around decision making under uncertainty using decision trees, simulations, and optimization techniques in a clear and patient way. Professor Sun’s passion around these topics is contagious and his patient and approachable style is a powerful part of his pedagogy.