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"My biggest takeaway from C-LEAD is that while teammates each had different skills, those skills were equally useful in different scenarios, and each of them contributed to the collective effort towards our common goal.”

Daytime MBA

Class of 2020
Private Equity

Prior Education:

Pontificia Universidad Catolica
Finance, 2008
Santiago, Chile

Why I Chose Fuqua

What turned the dial towards Fuqua for me was the idea that the program would not only enhance my analytical and leadership skills, but also another unique component that I didn't readily find at other schools. Said best by Dean Boulding, Fuqua prides itself on admitting candidates with “triple threat capabilities”— IQ, EQ, and DQ. Intelligence and emotional capabilities - which are known as IQ and EQ -  can be frequently found at other programs in the form of their leadership training. The “DQ,” or decency quotient, which is the focus on being genuinely interested in other people and their success, is something that does not always seem an explicit aspect of leadership but is necessary if you are going to lead an institution to be a positive force in the business world.


5 Best Fuqua Activities

  1. Fuqua Friday: A great way to close the academic week is by sharing a glass of wine among family and friends.
  2. Distinguished Speakers Series: A unique opportunity to listen to great leaders from top companies.
  3. Blue Devil Weekend: It’s great to connect with prospective students, understand their goals and passions, talk about the countless opportunities they will find at Fuqua and hopefully, get them to choose us.
  4. Fuqua’s Got Talent: An awesome event at the end of Fall II; talent may be sitting right next to you in the classroom.
  5. Rise Against Hunger: A unique experience at Fuqua organized by the MBA Association where the Fuqua community gives back to society by packing food bags to be distributed to struggling communities around the world.

My Life Before Fuqua

I was an investment banking vice-president doing mergers and acquisitions in Latin America, mainly energy and infrastructure transactions.

My Life After Fuqua

I plan to continue my career in private equity in the U.S. and I believe my teamwork skills will be very useful upon graduation. To be successful in an industry as competitive as private equity, you need to work well as team members as success is collective, not individual.

My Fuqua Activities

Blue Devil Weekend Volunteer


Career Fellow 


COLE Fellow


FinTech Club 


Private Equity Club 


TA for Finance and Marketing 

Private Equity

I have enjoyed meeting and talking with Fuqua alumni in the private equity sector to understand their drive to enter the industry when they were in my shoes.

My Favorite Fuqua Professor

Wesley Cohen teaches entrepreneurial strategy. There are two things that make this class a great experience. First, Professor Cohen has a highly interesting selection of cases to discuss during the term, covering each of the macro-ideas he wants to discuss. He combines very old cases, such as a Sun Microsystems case and a Beta Golf case, with more recent cases like DJI in the drone industry, Rent the Runway in clothing, and E-Ink supplying Kindle’s screens. Second, he requires every student to participate by answering in-class questions; one day before class, he puts a few case-related questions online from which he later builds charts. The idea is to stimulate the in-class discussion by having every student accountable for their answer. Having charts with all of our answers is awesome, as he can easily transition from idea to idea, asking different students why they chose a specific answer and making the discussion easy to follow.

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Geoff Crisanti

Class of 2021
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Sylvia Bouloutas

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