Pallavi Pratapa's portrait image
“I love the diversity of occupations and geography of my peers in this program. Students represent the provider and payer aspects of the health care industry which gives me a 360-degree perspective.”
Senior Software Developer
Optum, United Health Group

MSQM: Health Analytics

Class of 2020
Health Care - IT

Prior Education:

Duke University
MS Computer Science, 2005
Hyderabad, India

Why MSQM: Health Analytics

This program has helped me tremendously personally and professionally. I have improved my time management skills juggling work, studies, and family. Professionally, I have been able to apply what I’ve learned in class immediately to the projects I am working on. I have applied quantitative machine learning techniques that I learned in this program to a reporting application that I am working on to improve the reporting metrics for providers. This solution was well received within my group at work.

Before Fuqua

I wear multiple hats as an IT architect, software developer, and tester. I work in developing analytical and reporting solutions to help providers analyze and report their quality metrics. I also build and test the quality of software and lead a team to develop and build solutions to improve software.

After Fuqua

I would like to pursue a career in health care IT product management, driving the design and strategy of IT solutions for complex health care problems.

Benefits of an Online Degree

Juggling both work and education with a family is challenging. The online course material allows me to successfully manage all of my responsibilities efficiently. The virtual team meetings and classes allow the classes to be taken anywhere—even while you are traveling—and at the same time, there is enough face-to-face interaction through video conferences to feel connected to your team.