MSQM: HA Student Pengxi Zheng
Senior Quality Specialist
Danaher Corporation

MSQM: Health Analytics

Class of 2025
Medical Devices

Prior Education:

Shanghai Maritime University
Shanghai, China


The health care industry is constantly evolving, which creates new threats and opportunities to health care providers and related industries. Therefore, it is essential to be prepared to adapt to changes and embrace new challenges. Remaining open-minded and flexible in your approach to learning and problem-solving will help you to be well-equipped to succeed academically and professionally in this field.

One of the most surprising aspects of this program was the depth of interdisciplinary collaboration and real-world application of analytics in health care. While I expected to learn about data analysis techniques and health care systems, I was pleasantly surprised by how the program integrated concepts from various fields such as statistics, data analytics, health care management, and economics, building my skills and allowing me to interact more effectively in my organization.

Before Fuqua

I currently work in a medical device company, being responsible for post-market analysis, managing device recalls, and supporting regulatory affairs.

After Fuqua

After developing an in-depth understanding of regulations and markets, I will leverage my analysis and problem-solving skills to actively pursue career opportunities in quality management for a medical devices company or as an auditor.  

Advantages of Working as a Team

My team consists of peers from different industries including medical systems, research, start-ups, and pharmaceuticals. Each member of the team brings their unique background and expertise to the table, offering a diverse range of perspectives during team discussion. This diversity can help identify blind spots, challenge assumptions, and generate innovative solutions to complex problems, allowing me to be more effective in my own organization.