Master of Quantitative Management: Health Analytics Student Philipp Schoewer
“The digitalization of data is a big challenge in Germany, especially the availability and quality of data in the Diabetes industry. With the skills I've obtained, I will be able to support and further help my customers and colleagues to profit from modern statistical methods and algorithms and how to include these to improve their outcomes.”
Digital Key Account Manager
Abbott Diabetes Care

MSQM: Health Analytics

Class of 2022

Prior Education:

University of Applied Science, Mainz
Business Administration, 2016
Ingelheim, Rheinland-Palatinate, Germany


I wanted to have an innovative and internationally focused program with three main pillars. First, health care, because I work in the diabetes industry and see daily how important data analytics is in health care. Second, to have data analytics / information technology as it is a promising field both presently and for the future, changing and reshaping every field of modern economy and the way humans live. Third, I wanted to build on my previous experience with my BBA that I have obtained in Germany, so Fuqua with their promising team spirit and the renowned Duke in general seemed to be the perfect match to achieve my goal.

Before Fuqua

I currently work as a sales rep for Abbott Diabetes Care in Germany, selling the global leading glucose management system for diabetics, Freestyle Libre. In addition to sales calls and meetings, I lead workshops for medical professionals about our product, and serve as the expert for our digital diabetes management software.

After Fuqua

Soon, I will move to a new role as a Digital Key Account Manager, where I will build on my knowledge and work on the digitalization of the diabetes industry in Germany. I want to increase my data management skills and knowledge to achieve my long-term goal of a senior management role in sales or digital development, using my analytical skills and keeping my innovative spirit.

Advice to Prospective Students

  1. The pace is sometimes high, but you get out what you put in.
  2. Try to be focused from the beginning and throughout the entire program but do not overstress, and trust in yourself – you can handle it
  3. Do not be afraid to ask questions in class or to reach out to the professors or TA´s, everyone is friendly and willing to help