Master of Quantitative Management: Health Analytics Student Priyanka Kandhari
“As a clinician, we know our patients better than anyone. We graduate with tunnel vision – treating a case, a symptom, or a disease. Yet we are still the most important link in the lifecycle of health care delivery. In today’s agile atmosphere, it really benefits us to upskill ourselves with the metrics behind the health care delivery.”
Manager, Data Analytics and Insights

MSQM: Health Analytics

Class of 2023
Health Care Insurance

Prior Education:

Bureau of Dental Health
NY State Department of Health
Dental Public Health Certificate, 2014
Dallas, Texas


The members of my peer team are amazing. Our team has successfully navigated working together by virtue of our mutual respect for everyone’s time and commitment. Each team member understands the constraints of the other members and is ready to be a lead when needed. Each one of us is ready to step in when others can’t, which makes the team more like a family with common goals and interests. The foundation for the cadence was set up by our team in the first meeting itself.

Before Fuqua

Currently, I am an Associate Director Clinical consultant at a health insurance company. In my current role, my primary responsibility revolves around improving clinical processes involved in delivering health care. Beginning in April, 2022, I will be the data analytics and insights leader for another health care insurance company.

After Fuqua

I have been fortunate that, after just 2 terms, I have transitioned into another leadership role where I will be directly working with data insights to help make strategic business decisions. This new role furthers my goal of being a business leader who can make and influence health care decisions through the lens of quantitative measures.

The Benefits of an Online Degree

Work-life balance is much easier while earning on online degree, especially in later stage of your career. It’s not easy to just pack your bags and be a full-time student for few years when you are wearing several hats at one time. The program being online really makes it more convenient and doable for working professionals. The most surprising thing to me is, in spite of being a mom to a teenager and a toddler, and having a full-time demanding job, I am able to do it fairly well. Having been a science major for over two decades, it’s very impressive how this program has made the transition to business and analytics seamless for me. It’s lot of responsibility and commitment though!