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“When I first arrived at Fuqua, I found it difficult to manage the balance among academic, on-campus involvement, and my personal life. After seeking advice from both the program staff and my friends in the program, I received valuable suggestions and insights that helped me to realize my true passions, which in turn helped me to set personal goals.”

MQM: Business Analytics

Class of 2019

My Program Track:

Financial Services

Prior Education:

Wake Forest University
Finance, 2018
Beijing, China

Why I Chose Fuqua

Fuqua’s MQM program stood out to me because of the way its curriculum is structured. As an international student, I found the Business Communications course very useful in shaping me to become an effective communicator. At the same time, the analytics courses will provide me with enough technical skills to pursue data-related careers, while the track-specific courses allow me to build expertise in a specific industry.

I was also attracted to Fuqua’s team spirit. Coming from an undergraduate institution that emphasized teamwork, I already knew the importance of having a warm and engaging community, and I knew it would enrich my business school experience.

During Fuqua

I have found that Fuqua’s focus on teamwork isn’t just a marketing tagline; since my first day here, I have been surrounded by supportive and caring people. Because I love this community, I have been actively engaged in giving back and helping others to have a better experience at Fuqua. As a member of the MQM Association, I host events to engage people from different tracks and also coordinate class schedules to make sure each student in the program will have equal opportunity to enjoy campus events.

After Fuqua

After graduation, I want to apply the analytical skills I learned at Fuqua to assist a company in identifying risks and fraudulent transactions. Because I’m passionate about technology, finance, and diversity, I hope to start my career in a large city like San Francisco or New York and work with an innovative group of people.

My MQM Track

I decided to join the Forensics track because I think it is the most logical next step for me and will build on my background in finance and accounting. In addition to the technical, functional, and critical thinking skills I will gain through the core classes of the program, this track will also provide me analytics skills specifically related to fraud and compliance. I think these skills will be extremely helpful for me to have a successful career.

What I Love About Fuqua Friday

Fuqua Friday, which is hosted every Friday during the fall and spring terms, is a must-go! Students from all of Fuqua’s programs, as well as faculty and staff members, all join in for dinner and drinks. It is the perfect opportunity to meet people from different programs and cultural backgrounds while expanding your personal network within Fuqua.

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