Rashida Hodge
“As a black woman in a male-dominated field, I always felt forced to be the best, figure it out on my own, and strive for perfection. At Fuqua I learned to trust that others did understand my interests and my dreams, and that together we would succeed.”
Director, Client Delivery & Implementation

Weekend Executive MBA

Class of 2013
Technology (Software), Consulting

Prior Education:

North Carolina State University
MS Industrial Engineering, 2003
Industrial Engineering, 2002
Durham, North Carolina
U.S. Virgin Islands


As an engineer, I wanted to be recognized as a thought leader who could lead a business. Obtaining my MBA opened up the opportunity to become Chief of Staff for a Senior Vice President, allowing me to experience firsthand the inner workings of a Fortune 500 corporation and demonstrate my abilities as a holistic business person. It was amazing how the Duke brand increased my credibility—all of a sudden, Rashida the engineer become Rashida the Duke MBA, the one you needed on your team because you were confident she can get the job done, even if she has never done it before.

Before Fuqua

Strategy manager and corporate planning lead in IBM's integrated supply chain. I led a global team that supported the commercialization of IBM’s supply chain for clients and used technologies and analytics to drive solutions.

After Fuqua

Lead implementation of Watson client engagements for Asia Pacific and the Americas. I work with clients to develop use cases and lead a team of engineers globally to implement first-of-a-kind applications that drive business transformation through artificial intelligence.


Take advantage of the Global Academic Travel Experience, regardless of which country. Even if you have been to that region before, the insight and inside knowledge you will gain from this experience is invaluable. Perhaps even more important is the bonding and learning you will gain from experiencing business in another culture with your classmates. It’s an experience that will define your MBA. Yes, the program is intense, you have a full-time job and personal commitments, but leave nothing to be desired and no stone unturned when it comes to opportunities to immerse yourself in new experiences with your classmates.

Weekend Executive MBA

Top Areas of Career Focus

IT (16%)
Financial Services (14%)
Health Care/Health Services (10%)
Manufacturing/Operations (9%)
Sales/Business Development (8%)
Consulting (8%)

Typical Class Demographics
Weekend Executive MBA

Age Range


Work Experience

5-20 years

Students with Advanced Degrees


Countries Represented



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