Master of Quantitative Management: Business Analytics Student Rob Babus
“I often find myself taking a different approach when encountering certain data-based decisions. Whether it’s a more holistic business approach or considering potential confounders when I’m presented a model or data outcome, the MSQM degree has truly leveled up my data and strategic acumen.”
Analytical Lead

MSQM: Business Analytics

Class of 2022

Prior Education:

Colgate University
Political Science, 2014
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


The MSQM degree provides the perfect hybrid between an MBA and a more technical analytics degree. You gain foundational knowledge in key subjects across a wide range of business disciplines (finance, marketing, accounting, operations, etc.) while learning key modeling and analytic techniques to make data-backed decisions. The degree helps you take a step back when analyzing business problems and take a more holistic business lens when thinking about the potential impact. I consistently find myself using knowledge gained from my degree in day-to-day work conversations and it truly has helped make me a more diverse and valuable employee.

Before Fuqua

I worked in marketing analytics at various media agencies, providing strategic insights to improve the ROI of marketing campaigns. However, I lacked a high-level business vision, so I wasn’t in the driver’s seat when it came to making business decisions. I wanted to be in a role that was more high level and directly responsible for improving the bottom line of a corporation.


After Fuqua

I started a new role at Google at the end of the fourth term of the MSQM program. Leveraging my degree and the knowledge I acquired was critical in helping me land the job. I am still working in marketing analytics but at a much more macro level, which was my ultimate goal. Learning various modeling and analytic techniques has been valuable in my current day to day.

The Benefits of an Online Degree

Similar to the hybrid work models most corporations have implemented, receiving your degree online provides for ample flexibility. You can focus on coursework in the morning or evening after work, on the weekends, or in between work meetings. This flexibility makes balancing work, school, and personal life more achievable. The live classes on Saturday help provide that “in-person” feel, while still being able to take advantage of the rest of the weekend.