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“At Fuqua, spending time with my peers is an invaluable investment in my own future. The powerful network of accomplished and inspiring colleagues provides the kind of learning experience that returns value in many ways.”

MQM: Business Analytics

Class of 2019

My Program Track:

Technology or FinTech

Prior Education:

Earlham College
Economics, 2017
Lahore, Pakistan

Why I Chose Fuqua

I was born in the cultural capital city of Lahore, Pakistan, but I have grown up in three different countries. During the admissions process, I had the opportunity to interact with admissions ambassadors and other current students.  The students were friendly and welcoming, with a diverse set of impressive backgrounds—they came from different countries and different industries, were successful community leaders, and had inspiring career ambitions. They helped me to realize I wanted to become part of this community. The people here support and sustain each other, and I believe we will continue to do so long after our final class.

Before Fuqua

I have always liked to think critically and apply my quantitative skills to real-world problems, but I didn't realize the true importance of data until I entered my first job. There, I learned that people who can comprehend data have better insights and can deliver useful results backed by facts. I wanted to challenge myself and learn more about empirical techniques to analyze data and find solutions.

After Fuqua

My ideal job after graduation would be at a technology or financial technology company in the United States. Because the MQM program has equipped me to effectively communicate with both the business side and the technical side, I would like to be able to use my technical skills to understand, transform, and solve a company’s business problems.

My MQM Track

I chose the Finance track because it is practical and useful, as every person needs to manage his financial resources and investments. Finance is the elixir that assists in the formation of new businesses and allows existing businesses to grow. My coursework has taught me that finance is an all-encompassing field that includes all aspects of business—economics, marketing, production, accounting, management, and data systems—and therefore will lead to a variety of job prospects. I believe that studying finance will be ideal to reach my career goals.

What I Love About Durham

There are many reasons why I love Durham, including its beauty, diversity, friendliness, and bustling atmosphere. Durham is a lush, green, dynamic college town with a lot happening every day. It has four seasons, relatively warm winters, and you can make it to the mountains or the beach in a day trip. Durham also welcomes racial, ethnic, and religious diversity, and the city is open to honest political and racial discussions. Durham offers everything from shopping to entertainment, along with many amazing restaurants. My favorite thing about Durham is being able to go to Duke basketball games at Cameron Indoor Stadium - nothing beats watching the men's basketball team win! 

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