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“Fuqua alumni and students are constantly willing to help each other, whether for job-related reasons or something else, and that really encourages me to continue giving back to other incoming students once I graduate from the program.”

MQM: Business Analytics

Class of 2019

My Program Track:

Technology, Marketing

Prior Education:

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Business and Psychology, 2018
Amman, Jordan

Why I Chose Fuqua

Fuqua as a whole and this program both have good reputations, which initially attracted me to the program. I knew that going to Fuqua would ensure that I would receive a world-class education that was interdisciplinary, broad, and would allow me to concentrate in a specific area of business. I also enjoyed how the program was structured in learning teams—I knew enhancing my collaboration skills would undoubtedly prove useful for my future career. The culture here is supportive rather than competitive, and I knew I would benefit from that during my time at Fuqua and beyond.

During Fuqua

I have little prior coding experience, so my goal during the program is to hone my statistics and coding skills so that I can compete in a case competition or take the lead for our upcoming Capstone project at the end of the year. I’m lucky to have two teammates with great coding skills who I’ve been learning a lot from.

After Fuqua

My immediate career goal after completing the program is to work for a large consumer goods or tech company where I can gain firsthand experience in how marketing analytics are applied in the real world. Long-term, I hope to either launch a tech startup in the Middle East or work for a biotech company that is using machine learning to help diagnose and treat people suffering from psychiatric and psychological illnesses.

My MQM Track

I’m part of the Marketing track and am very excited to delve into my marketing-related coursework. I’m hoping to understand how companies can reduce customer churn rates and optimize customer retention through the purchase funnel. I’m especially excited about the Customer Relationship Management course, which I’ve heard good things about from previous MQM students.

What I Love About Professor John Nance

Dr. Nance made every class of his Business Communications course meaningful and enjoyable by using a variety of teaching techniques and opening up discussion about videos we watched featuring expert communicators. What I liked most about Dr. Nance was his consistent enthusiasm for every session he taught and how he varied his communications style during lectures to teach us how to apply the concepts we’d learned. Dr. Nance also gave individualized feedback for each student and used student speakers as teaching examples, which we all benefited from.

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Class of 2019
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