Sean Niu, MSQM: HA '23
“Because of my education and career background, my perspective and problem-solving were restricted within the domains of science and medicine, which are only parts of the real world. The MSQM: HA program is helping me jump out of my comfort zone, examine things from different and broader perspectives, and reshape my decision-making towards a larger picture.”
Wake Forest School of Medicine

MSQM: Health Analytics

Class of 2023
Health Care Provider

Prior Education:

Peking University
Doctor of Medicine, 2012
Hohhot, Inner Mongolia


Working as a physician and a research scientist, I found myself lacking a crucial set of skills – I had no formal training to effectively analyze and create value from big data that would ultimately benefit patients. The Duke MSQM: Health Analytics program provides the ideal setting to hone these skills. There is an unparalleled focus placed on bridging the gap between health care data collection and application in the curriculum of this program. The program design fits perfectly with my career goal: to take a consulting role in the health care industry that leverages my medical background and the skills from MSQM.

Before Fuqua

I am a pathology resident at the Wake Forest School of Medicine. My main responsibilities include daily clinical training and activities, teaching medical school students, and conducting medical research.

After Fuqua

Because of what I have learned from the program, I’ve become more interested in pursuing a clinical informatics fellowship after my residency training. I’m confident that the MSQM degree makes me a more competitive applicant for that fellowship. Ultimately, I’d like to take a consulting role in the health care industry while practicing pathology.

Overcoming Challenges in Health Care

An enormous amount of data is constantly generated in the hospital. It is a huge challenge, yet also a great opportunity to create value from the data, especially when health care in the US is shifting towards value-based care. The expertise and network from MSQM:HA, combined with my medical background, will lift me to a higher ground where I can see the bigger picture and make more evidence-based professional decisions to overcome the data challenge and seize the opportunity.