Shannon Griesser
“I’m passionate about building authentic relationships and fostering an environment where we can challenge each other so that we leave Fuqua as better versions of ourselves. Through my involvement in the Association of Women in Business, I’ve been able to help build the Male Allies Program—a group of Fuqua men committed to advocating for and empowering women both personally and professionally."

Daytime MBA

Class of 2019

Prior Education:

Boston College
Mathematics / Theology, 2013
West Chester, Pennsylvania

Why I Chose Fuqua

What first drove me to Fuqua was the strength of programming and resources relating to the social impact space. But when I visited for Weekend for Women, I was immediately drawn to the authentic, impactful, student-driven nature of the community. I knew Fuqua would be a place where I would be challenged, where I would grow as a leader, and where I would be supported throughout the transformational journey. Fuqua’s team mentality was embodied in the daily interactions among students, reflected in classroom norms and the honor code, and palpable in the spirit of the community.  Fuqua attracts such a unique combination of people who are driven, down to earth, and team-oriented—all of that just clicked for me.

5 Events At Fuqua You Can't Miss Out On

  1. Wine Around the World: An end-of-term event where you rotate to different apartments, trying various wines (yes, from around the world).
  2. FuquaVision: Another end-of-term event that is just fantastic, where you can see your classmates perform sketch comedy. Because sometimes in business school, you just have to laugh a little.
  3. Campout: 36 hours of mayhem and check-ins and no sleep, all in the hope of getting season basketball tickets. Sounds crazy, but you’ll bond with people on a whole different level.
  4. Day in Durham: Before classes start, this is an opportunity to explore different aspects of the city. A great way to walk around and learn about your new home for the next 2 years!
  5. FuquaPride Drag Show: An array of incredible drag performances performed by your classmates. It’s FuquaPride’s biggest event of the year and an absolute blast.

My Life Before Fuqua

I spent 3 years working for a boutique leadership consulting group where I was both a financial manager and a project manager. I then spent a year working for a global nonprofit and started a social enterprise arm of the organization. 

My Life After Fuqua

I’m passionate about how the private sector can solve the world’s greatest social and environmental challenges. So while I don’t have a clear industry or role in mind for post-Fuqua, I plan to work in some capacity to create large-scale positive impact.

What I Love About CASE i3

Working on the Center for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship's Impact Investing Initiative project team has allowed me to do a deeper dive into the world of impact investing. All of the speakers, workshops, and events that are put on through Net Impact, CASE, and CASEi3 have really opened my world to the variety of ways to drive social and environmental change through business.

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Daytime MBA

Paige Nguyen

Class of 2020
Lowell Simpson
Daytime MBA

Lowell Miles Simpson

Class of 2019
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Daytime MBA

Hal Melia

Class of 2019
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