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“I have had the experience of interacting with a diverse set of individuals from a variety of cultures, ethnicities, and professional backgrounds. This has considerably widened my understanding and exposure to different cultures and has made me a more well-informed leader.”

MQM: Business Analytics

Class of 2020

My Program Track:

Information Technology

Prior Education:

University of Delhi
Commerce, 2019
New Delhi, India

Why I Chose Fuqua

While looking at graduate schools, I was determined to be a part of a supportive, collaborative, and intellectually inspiring and stimulating community. At Fuqua, there was an abundance of opportunities to learn from each individual and a variety of activities that would allow for interaction among various programs. Further, I thought the combination of world-class faculty, diverse cohorts, and university-wide opportunities would make for an unparalleled experience. I also felt that Fuqua’s comprehensive curriculum, which is inclusive of the rapidly changing technological advancements in the business world, would help me gain the necessary business acumen I needed.

Before Fuqua

I became familiar with the implication statistical analysis could have while working on a peripheral project about homeless shelters and the sexual abuse perpetrated therein. During an internship at Doctors Without Borders, I realized the bottleneck that a lack of data could create, and how detrimental that oversight could be when dealing with huge populations.

After Fuqua

I am interested in working with tech-intensive startups, which would allow me to rotate between departments and hone my technical abilities. After gaining experience, I would eventually like to work with an organization with a proclivity for social development.

5 Tips for Maximizing Your Time at Fuqua

  1. I can not emphasize this one enough—there will be assignments, projects, and exams, but go to the basketball games!
  2. The Duke Chapel climb is a fun activity to do with your classmates and offers breathtaking views of Duke’s campus.
  3. Interact with and learn from students from other programs and schools at Duke. I have met so many interesting people simply by striking up a conversation with students from around campus.
  4. Campout, in all its glory, is when over 1500 graduate students survive without sleep in Durham’s scorching heat for 36 hours for a chance at basketball season tickets. It’s an experience of a lifetime.
  5. Don’t miss on-campus events, like karaoke nights at Devil’s Krafthouse, jazz at the Mary Lou Williams Center for Black Culture, or movie screenings at the Bryan Center.

My MQM Track

I am in the forensics track. At Fuqua, we learn about financial statement fraud, one of the most widely committed types of frauds, but also interestingly, we have a component about understanding the psyche of the transgressors. This is helpful in understanding how best to identify and mitigate fraud as an analyst or even as a discerning entity in an organization. I enjoy detecting fraud because of how analytically stimulating it is. It requires you to consider several aspects at once; it’s like solving an elaborate puzzle.

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MQM: Business Analytics

Sasha Matovic

Class of 2021
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MQM: Business Analytics

Summer Fu

Class of 2020
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Faris Haddad

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