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“I learned the importance of getting to know your teammates on a personal level at the beginning of the team experience and setting clear expectations for how you are going to operate as a team. With that deeper understanding of your teammates, you are better able to navigate various situations and will know how to respond to your teammates most productively should conflicts arise.”

Daytime MBA

Class of 2020

Prior Education:

Howard University
Political Science, 2007
Toledo, Ohio

Why I Chose Fuqua

Using business as my platform, I have big dreams of changing the world through talent innovation in the education system. I realized that Fuqua was the perfect environment for me to maximize my leadership potential to realize these goals. I felt that the curriculum and experiential learning opportunities would provide a solid foundation for my career transition. I could also feel the Fuqua spirit when I visited campus. Fuqua is a family committed to becoming stronger together, and I knew that this culture would empower me to engage outside of the classroom in ways that would not only elevate my leadership but also enhance the Fuqua community for the better.


5 Random Things About Me

  1. As a middle school writing teacher, I created a class theme to invest my students in writing by exposing them to the world of journalism. Through “SWAG (Student Writers Achieving Greatness) Magazine,” my once reluctant writers harnessed the power of the pen to express themselves, critique the world around them, and advocate for themselves and their community.
  2. The act of preparing and/or eating food is one of my favorite ways to experience a new culture. This joy stems from my family’s bonding tradition of cooking together. Chopping the onions, stirring the pot, checking the oven—every member plays a role in this carefully choreographed dance.
  3. During my yearlong journey of teaching English in China, I challenged my fear of traveling alone by spending three weeks backpacking solo through Southeast Asia: Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand.
  4. I am a self-proclaimed “naturalista.” I can spend hours watching YouTube tutorials of the latest natural hair products, style trends, and regimens and will spend even more time experimenting to develop a new “do”.
  5. I was raised in Toledo, Ohio, the home of the Mud Hens, Libbey Glass, and Katie Holmes (she actually attended my high school).

My Life Before Fuqua

I worked in the education sector in Houston. I started out teaching middle school English as a Teach For America corps member and most recently worked as the manager of the Graduate Teaching Fellowship program at KIPP (Knowledge is Power Program) Houston Schools. In this role, I worked in partnership with the Relay Graduate School of Education to run a district-wide teacher residency program.

My Life After Fuqua

I plan to work as a human capital consultant and deepen my understanding of human capital strategy to hire, develop, and retain talent. Since my ultimate goal is to work at the executive level, my command of core business foundations will be essential to proposing and influencing people-related strategies to affect the bottom line of organizations.

My Fuqua Activities

Black and Latino MBA Organization 


Forté Fellow


Fuqua on Board


Human Capital Club


MBA Association Diversity Sub-Cabinet Member 


Susan and David S. Bagwell Minority Scholarship Recipient

Duke MBA Human Capital Club

I've gained a better understanding of human capital issues in business as well as explored human capital career opportunities with potential employers.

Why Human Capital

In my classroom and coaching roles, I noticed that poor teacher retention was one of the biggest hurdles to student achievement. Improving the quality of my teachers’ experience to drive towards the greater priorities of my organization was an impactful leadership moment that inspired my interest in understanding how companies engage with their employees to achieve outcomes. I decided to transfer these talents to a human capital career to build my expertise across multiple competencies and develop my understanding of sustainable human capital strategies along the entire talent value-chain.

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