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“After taking Management Communications, I felt strong going into my summer internship at Wayfair. Using the skills I learned, my team and I won the summer innovation presentation and met with the founders of Wayfair.”

Daytime MBA

Class of 2021

Prior Education:

Georgetown University
History, 2013
Chicago, Illinois

Why I Chose Fuqua

I saw in Fuqua a culture and environment in which classmates are collaborators – a cohesive source of strength – rather than competitors. Whether that takes the form of helping study for exams, prepping for a big case interview, or celebrating an internship offer, I have found a group of diverse backgrounds and experiences coming together to help each other succeed. I also wanted to be closer geographically to the business my dad, brother, and I started. We founded a vineyard and winery, located an hour north of Charlotte, as a way to re-establish the family tradition of winemaking in the U.S.

Five Logistical Things to Know on Your First Day

  1. Useful Apps to Get Around: Use the Rider app to see all of the free Duke bus routes. If it’s late at night, use DukeMobile to get a ride home from Fuqua.
  2. Food Options Outside of Fuqua: For a variety of food options, walk over to the Brodhead Center, which is only five minutes away.
  3. Don’t Stress Over a Wrinkled Shirt: If you ever need to iron your suit, shirt, or tie, head to the locker rooms below the Fox Center. Plus, there’s a steamer too.
  4. Headache? Allergies? Limited funds?: If you need basic remedies, go to the Student Wellness Center to get items at a low cost.
  5. Attend Review Sessions: The coursework in fall 1 and 2 is heavy in quant. Even if you have a math background, add all of the review sessions to your calendar, and attend them.

My Life Before Fuqua

I spent six years in Washington, DC working in digital marketing and strategy. I started my career at an advertising agency, working primarily on web and app development for clients in the public transit industry. After three years, I transitioned to Privia Health – a rapidly growing health care start-up – to lead the digital marketing team.

My Life After Fuqua

I plan to continue solving ambiguous problems through the lens of digital marketing and strategy. Whether that’s in-house at a technology organization or with an incubator/accelerator, my goal is to use the skills I have – and those I’ve gained during my time at Fuqua –to help small- and medium-sized businesses succeed.

My Fuqua Activities

Tech Club


Admissions Fellow


I developed a new club website to raise awareness of LGBTQ+ MBA students, celebrate our successes, and showcase the resources available to LGBTQ+ applicants.

My Favorite Fuqua Professor

Strategy professor Victor Bennett has made the most impact on me. From taking his Foundations of Strategy course to working with him on independent research, and having long conversations during office hours, I’ve learned a tremendous amount about technology and strategy from him.

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