Sudeep Sarkar, MSQM: BA '22
“I run operations, which is highly data dependent, to extract information for decision making on a daily basis. The program equipped me with two clear ammos, one tangible—the latest tools and techniques, and another intangible—an expanded set of insights – that I could use in my operational and strategic endeavors, almost immediately.”
EVP, Growth Strategy and Transformation

MSQM: Business Analytics

Class of 2022
Technology Talent Development

Prior Education:

Visvesvaraya Technological University Electrical & Electronics Engineering, 2003
Ashburn, Virginia


Business analytics has already been one of the most dominant drivers in impacting the economic decision-making for almost all modern businesses in recent years. In my capacity in running strategy and operations across organizations and domains, I have seen first-hand how it’s nearly impossible to process business data and spot hidden trends & patterns required to drive business decisions quickly and accurately, without a solid understanding of automated data analysis practices and tools. My goal is for myself and my teams to be sufficiently analytics-savvy to the extent that we can put insights into action faster and automate our planning and analytics processes to save time and labor.

Before Fuqua

I was heading Global Business Operations for Revature, a mid-stage technology education management startup, aiming to close the opportunity gap by developing technology talent employees. Prior to joining Revature, I was consulting with Cognizant Technology Solutions, working from various locations worldwide, and most recently managed account P&L in the Information, Media, and Entertainment vertical.

After Fuqua

I have been promoted within Revature during the program; currently I’m the EVP of Growth Strategy and Product Transformation. My key takeaways from MSQM: BA are the analytics tools and modelling techniques, which I use to drive information towards making prudent business decisions, and the real-world business cases, from which I draw examples from in my current executive capacity.

My Favorite Professor

Though there are so many, if I have to pick one of my favorites, it has to be Professor Ryan McDevitt for Microeconomics. Term 1, Week 1, Class 1 – he showed up for one of the most intriguing discussions on marginal utility and consumer surplus and set the tone for the rest of the program. The finesse with which he navigated the concepts and blended them with real-world examples and the quants made me look forward to the class. It was a game-set-match moment for me.