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“Sitting in a classroom with peers representing a significant number of nationalities, races, professional industries, and personal backgrounds expanded the bounds of what I thought was possible in terms of discourse and dialogue. I was led to question nearly all of my preconceived notions of leadership and business.”
Director, Global Custody Product
Bank of New York Mellon

Global Executive MBA

Class of 2020

Prior Education:

Barnard College
Psychology, 2013
New York, New York


The most beneficial part of the Fuqua experience for me has been the network of women in business that I was able to cultivate throughout my 18 months at Fuqua. Our class was the first cohort in Fuqua history at near-gender parity. You don’t realize how important this is until you are living it. Being surrounded by a group of women who share similar professional goals and objectives helped me to feel supported and validated in many of my experiences as a woman in corporate America.

Before Fuqua

I worked as a product manager at Digital Asset, a startup in New York focused on enabling large enterprises to implement blockchain and smart contract-based technology. I was responsible for managing our relationships with some of the largest global financial institutions.

After Fuqua

I started a new job at the Bank of New York Mellon as a director in the global custody product group. So many of the skills I’ve learned at Fuqua help me on a daily basis, but I am particularly grateful for Fuqua’s focus on holistic leadership development.

5 Tips for Working in Teams

  1. Be open to receiving feedback and actively solicit it.
  2. Share your non-negotiables from the beginning—it’s important to practice self-care and build in time for rest.
  3. Expect that your team will be comprised of individuals who have different backgrounds and approach problems differently than you.
  4. Identify your goals and objectives as an individual and as a team and be clear with each other about how you plan to attain them.
  5. Find comfort in the discomfort—remember that the hardest experiences are the ones that allow you to grow the most.

Global Executive MBA

Top Areas of Career Focus

Financial Services (20%)
Consulting (5%)
Sales/Business Development (5%)
Energy/Chemical/Gas (9%)
Marketing/PR/Advertising (6%)
Consumer Goods (3%)

Typical Class Demographics
Global Executive MBA

Age Range


Work Experience

5-20 years

Countries Represented




Non-US Citizenship

Global Executive MBA Student Ziqiao Wang
Global Executive MBA

Ziqiao Wang

Class of 2022
Blake Hamilton's Gallery Photo
Global Executive MBA

Blake Hamilton

Class of 2020
Autumn Toland's Gallery Photo
Global Executive MBA

Autumn Toland

Class of 2020
Global Executive MBA Student Ganiyat Nurudeen
Global Executive MBA

Ganiyat Nurudeen

Class of 2022