Accelerated MSQM: BA Student Tom Yang
"Once you join the program, my best piece of advice is to get involved in the Fuqua community and leverage all the resources this program offers. Whether it is attending on-campus events, networking with Fuqua alumni in your hometown, or connecting with the Career Management Center, your overall experience will certainly be enhanced."
Senior Director, Care Operations
Altice USA

MSQM: Accelerated Business Analytics

Class of 2024

Prior Education:

University of Chicago
Dallas, TX


Nearly a decade after completing my MBA, I felt I needed to take my analytical skills to the next level, especially during an exciting time for artificial intelligence. The difficult task was choosing among many quality programs. After extensive research, I decided to apply for and enroll in the Accelerated MSQM program at Fuqua for several reasons. First, the strength of the faculty was important to me, and this program delivers on that. I have been very impressed with the experience and passion of the professors. Secondly, I wanted to be a part of a program that had a strong collaborative culture because teamwork is my preferred way to learn. I quickly found out Team Fuqua is a real thing! Lastly, I needed a lot of flexibility due to work and family commitments; having live classes on Saturdays fit well with my schedule. Another important benefit for me is that all the lectures are recorded, which enables me to rewind and review until I have a strong grasp of the topics.

While I am data-driven by nature, the MSQM degree has added more tools in my analytical toolkit. Since starting the program, I have had more in-depth discussions with the data and analytics team at work about the assumptions and techniques underpinning their models to help them generate more actionable insights.

Overall, it has been a great decision and I’m proud to be a Fuquan!

Before Fuqua

I am responsible for creating the customer care strategy and driving operational results to improve the customer satisfaction, loyalty, and growth of Altice’s fiber internet product branded under Optimum.

After Fuqua

Upon completing my degree, my goal is to continue to understand the customer experience at a deeper level using the latest cutting-edge analytical techniques and create innovative solutions that have yet to be seen in the telecom industry.  

Team Fuqua

I have a strong peer team and we work very well together. Our team is diverse in both industry knowledge and skill set consisting of telecom, retail, manufacturing, entrepreneurship, operations, consulting, and strategy expertise. Our team discussions are always productive and insightful because we come at the issues from different angles and ultimately arrive at solutions that are better than what we could have concluded independently.