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“I played a pivotal role in creating the first-ever student-led implicit bias awareness session at Fuqua. I had the opportunity to work on this training with incredible peers and also collaborate with the school's administration, who were just as passionate about this effort and about supporting us.”

Daytime MBA

Class of 2021
Social Impact

Prior Education:

Duke University
Master of Management Studies, 2015
Delhi Technology University (India)
Technology/Software Engineering, 2014
New Delhi, India

Why I Chose Fuqua

Fuqua was the only business school I applied to because I believed it was the perfect choice for me professionally and personally. Having completed a Master of Management Studies at Fuqua in 2015, I was able to take electives early and truly personalize my learning experience. Given my interest in impact investing, I knew that the CASE Initiative on Impact Investing (CASE i3) program would have the best resources available to me. Most importantly, I had previously experienced the Fuqua community firsthand and knew it would provide me the support I needed during this transformational two-year journey.

5 Ways to Spend a Saturday in Durham

  1. Visit downtown Durham: As MBA students, we often get comfortable around the 9th street area, but downtown has great restaurants, breweries, and neighborhoods worth exploring!
  2. Attend a show at the DPAC: Durham has an incredible arts scene; the Durham Performing Arts Center (DPAC) hosts a lot of Broadway productions and other events.
  3. Check out a local farm: There are some quaint farms within a 15-minute driving distance that offer seasonal fruit picking options—Eno River Farm also has fresh, homemade ice-cream!
  4. Work in a Fuqua Team Room or at Ford Library: If you’re looking to have a productive Saturday, Fuqua is the best place to be without the usual hustle and bustle but still has the facilities you need to get ahead on deadlines.
  5. Take a stroll around Duke’s campus: Since the week can get quite busy, taking a long walk through Duke Gardens or to Duke Chapel is quite relaxing!

My Life Before Fuqua

I worked in consulting in the performance improvement division at Ernst & Young, where I helped clients solve complex problems and manage complex transformation projects across various industries.

My Life After Fuqua

Though my future plans are still in progress, I am interested in pursuing a career at the intersection of business and sustainable impact. Both my academic and experiential learning opportunities at Fuqua have helped build my knowledge and skillset and also enhance my ability to collaborate and lead diverse teams.

My Fuqua Activities

Gender Equity Working Group

CASE Initiative on Impact Investing (CASEi3)

Career Fellow


CASE Initiative on Impact Investing (CASE i3)

I’ve had the opportunity to work with clients on impact measurement tools, hear from incredible industry leaders, and support Fuqua’s partnership with the United Nations to develop an impact investing training program for enterprises and investors globally.

My Favorite Fuqua Activity

I enjoyed Triangle Training, which is an immersive team experience that students undergo during orientation. It includes both intellectual and physical challenges in a team context and helps to develop strong bonds and camaraderie with your peers and cohort. It was the best team bonding exercise I’ve ever done, and the relationships I built that day have continued to be sources of support and energy through recruiting and other challenging times at Fuqua.

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