Master of Quantitative Management: Business Analytics Student William Lewis
“I absolutely believe the MQM program has made me a better leader. Working in teams with students from all different walks of life has taught me to truly value others’ perspectives, no matter how they vary from mine. Respecting others is forgotten too often today, and I plan to emphasize this in my leadership positions in the future.”

MQM: Business Analytics

Class of 2022

My Program Track:

Product Management, Sports & Gaming

Prior Education:

University of Tennessee
Business Analytics, 2021
Knoxville, Tennessee

Why I Chose Fuqua

Fuqua’s reputation speaks for itself. The opportunity to attend one of the nation’s finest business schools and immerse myself in its unique culture was one I could not pass up. While the professional atmosphere and learning aspect of Fuqua is undeniably remarkable, I truly believe it’s the people that give the school a special buzz. There was a certain energy that I could feel on recruiting calls, in my interviews, and with the alumni I spoke with. It was impossible not to sense their feelings for Fuqua. The school fosters an environment of personal and professional growth, and has confirmed every great thing I thought it would.

Before Fuqua

While interning as a tech analyst with a large corporation, I was exposed to several data-related skills and languages for the first time. I honestly felt constrained during my internship because I didn’t know how to code or properly work with data. In many ways that pushed me towards an MQM degree.

After Fuqua

I am pursuing both product management and sports analytics. I’m drawn to product management, as the ability to have responsibility and ownership over the life cycle of a product would be a great learning opportunity for me. In particular, I’m pursuing work in the sports and gaming industry, as I have a personal interest in the space and see unlimited potential in its future.

5 Best Meal Items in the Fuqua Cafeteria

  1. Get pasta at the hot bar station. The Italian sausage is my meat of choice.
  2. Build a grilled chicken sandwich and add a side of sweet potato fries at the “grill” station.
  3. Don’t miss the Gummi bears at the checkout line. Much better than typical gas station ones. Thank you, Fuqua.
  4. Try the pizza. I don’t get it often but in my limited experience it’s very good, and many of my friends would agree.
  5. Grab a chocolate muffin in the morning if you aren’t able to eat breakfast. Tasty and filling.

My MQM Track

I chose the Strategy track because I felt that the elective classes closely aligned with what I expected to be pursuing post-graduation. Learning how to think critically as a strategic leader was important to me, and I was very interested in understanding the crossroads of data and business better. Empirical Economic Analysis taught me how to use data appropriately when trying to distinguish causality in business cases through the use of regression modeling. Operations Analytics introduced me to inventory management, queuing analysis, and other issues that will be important to a leader in data analytics.

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