Yang Yu, MSQM: BA '22
“The program offers lots of useful resources for self-learning besides the stated coursework. Many of the enrolled students have limited skills in programming for data analysis. To address this, the program developed workshops regarding various subjects in data science. A one-year DataCamp subscription is offered which allows us to learn data skills using R/Python/SQL/Tableau.”
Sr. Research Scientist, Lab Team Lead
Energy & Environmental Research Center (EERC), University of North Dakota

MSQM: Business Analytics

Class of 2022
Energy Research

Prior Education:

Texas Tech University
PhD Petroleum Engineering, 2016
Daqing, China


My focus on self-improvement is to stay current with new developments and to remain competitive in the analytics field. Through continuous learning, I am preparing myself to overcome unforeseen challenges in the future. Having advanced data analytics skills will provide lots of opportunities for my professional development because it can be applied to all kinds of fields. What most attracted me about this program is the prestigious education, distinctive curriculum, and flexible schedule; I can acquire the skills I have a passion for while remaining engaged at work. After carefully think about my interests, learning needs, and expectations, I felt Fuqua’s MSQM: BA would best support my goals.

Before Fuqua

I am a Senior Research Scientist and Lab Team Lead at the EERC, where I manage the operation of an applied geology laboratory. As a researcher, I lead the team in conducting lab analyses and experiments on subsurface rock and fluid samples to support research projects regarding energy production and CO2 storage.

After Fuqua

I aim to work in a fast growing or top organization/company in my future career, where I can make use of the skills I learned from the program, combined with my prior experience and expertise, to create more value and to contribute to the development of the organization.

My Favorite Professor

The professor who impressed me the most is Dr. Salman Azhar, who instructed Fraud Analytics. His lectures are well organized and illustrative. The curriculum and assignment loads are moderate. Over the term, Dr. Azhar demonstrated his care for his students’ learning progress by asking for our feedback to improve the quality and experience of the course. Plenty of office hours are arranged so students could get timely answers. He seeks students’ opinions for hot topics related to the course materials to allow students to practice the knowledge through real life events.