Mashon Wilson

Daytime MBA

Class of 2019
Citizenship: United States
Work Industry: Government/Military
Region: San Francisco Bay Area
Career Interest: Consulting

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A native of Oakland, CA, I grew up in a large military family, which made me want to pursue the profession of a Military Officer. I commissioned as a Field Artillery officer upon graduation from the United States Military Academy at West Point. In addition to studying Economics, I have always been very passionate about finance/investing and their causal effects on urban communities. I believe my greatest responsibility is to mentor and guide young people and have participated in a broad array of experiences around the world that helped to increase my awareness as a Global Citizen. This global understanding includes studying Arabic in Morocco, military training in Ecuador, studying coffee biodiversity in Costa Rica, and interning on Capitol Hill as a cadet. As well as living in Germany, deploying to Afghanistan, searching for talented candidates to attend West Point, managing the talent pool and marketing for the Field Artillery Specialty, and continuing to challenge myself as a leader in future opportunities, I am pivototing towards consulting.