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Certificates: Professional Specialization
A certificate allows you to branch out beyond the MBA curriculum to further specialize in a particular area. We offer 2 certificates within the Daytime program — a Certificate of Excellence in Finance and a Health Sector Management (HSM) Certificate. If you choose to pursue a certificate, you may pursue at most one other concentration.

The Certificate of Academic Excellence in Finance distinguishes Duke MBA–Daytime students who focus in the discipline and attain excellent grades in finance courses.

Certificate Requirements

To earn the certificate, you must take at least 12 finance-related electives (beyond the core finance courses) and you must earn 6 credits beyond those required to receive the MBA. This corresponds to a dual finance concentration in corporate finance and investments plus an extra finance and non-finance elective.

GPA Requirement

You must achieve a grade-point average of 3.75 or better in these 12 courses to earn the certificate.

If you complete more than the minimum set of courses (adding, say, an extra corporate finance course), we will compute your GPA over the highest qualifying grades.

Intermediate Qualification

To signal to potential employers that you are on track to earn the certificate, you may note on your resume, “Qualifying for a Certificate of Academic Excellence in Finance,” but only after completing at least 3 finance electives and one non-finance elective, and only while maintaining a qualifying GPA across your certificate courses.