Duke - The Fuqua School of Business

Energy Finance Concentration

To receive an Energy Finance concentration, a student must take at least 6 electives (18 credits) beyond the required core courses and from the set of electives specified for each concentration. These 18 credits are part of the total Fuqua credit requirement. Students should note that electives might have pre-requisite requirements. In addition, not all electives are offered each year.

Choose 2 of the following Finance courses:*
FINANCE 646 — Corporate Finance
FINANCE 647 — Investment
FINANCE 648 — Derivatives and Financial Risk Management

Take ENRGYENV 625 — Energy, Markets and Innovation and one of the following  courses:
ENRGYENV 898H — Energy & Environment Seminar Series (1.5 credits/semester - total of 3 credits required for concentration; Must take both Seminar Series offered in the Fall & Spring)
ENRGYENV 895 — FCCP Energy (Energy Practicum)
ENRGYENV 898 — Energy Focused GATE - Energy Policy**

Choose 2 of the following Elective courses:
FINANCE 654 — Advanced Corporate Finance
FINANCE 663 — International Finance
FINANCE 898 — Project Finance
DECISION 611 — Decision Models

* If a student takes all 3 of the courses from section 1, then the third course can count toward one of the two Elective courses in section 3.

** The FCCP counts as one course toward the completion of requirement (2), even though it is a 6-credit course.

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