Duke - The Fuqua School of Business

Financial Analysis Concentration

The Concentration in Financial Analysis is intended to provide skills and subject matter knowledge that will prepare students for careers that use the analysis of accounting numbers to support business decisions, such as consulting (strategic consulting, litigation support), equity analysis (sell-side or buy-side analysis; portfolio management), commercial banking, investment banking, financial positions in corporations (including in-house acquisitions activities). The accounting courses in the concentration will provide a solid foundation for preparation of pro forma financial statements, reading and analyzing financial reports, analysis of cost drivers and costs (separation of fixed from variable costs), and valuation techniques. The non-accounting courses augment students' accounting knowledge with insight into the drivers of profitability within and across industries (competitive analysis; intellectual capital and competitive strategy), better ability to manipulate and analyze financial data (forecasting; information management), and deeper understanding of capital structure and restructuring events that change both asset compositions (via mergers or spin-offs) and capital structures (corporate finance; corporate restructuring).

Coursework Requirements:

2 Required Courses:
ACCOUNTG 597 — Financial Statement Analysis
ACCOUNTG 598 — Valuation and Fundamental Analysis

Choose 1 of the following electives:
ACCOUNTG 591 — Managerial Accounting
ACCOUNTG 898 — Management Control and Financial Reporting

Choose 1 of the following electives:
ACCOUNTG 592 — Detecting Earnings Management (formerly Corporate Financial Reporting)
ACCOUNTG 596 — Accounting for Mergers and Acquisitions
ACCOUNTG 601 — Taxation and Global Management Decisions

Choose 2 of the following electives:
DECISION 614 — Forecasting
DECISION 617 — Information Management
FINANCE 646 — Corporate Finance
FINANCE 658 — Corporate Restructuring
STRATEGY 843 — Intellectual Capital and Competitive Strategy
MARKETNG 799 — Product Management
MGRECON 788 — Competitive Analysis