Duke - The Fuqua School of Business

Management Concentration

The Concentration in Management is appropriate for students whose career focus is on managing people and processes. In contrast to concentrations that focus on depth in a technical area, this concentration emphasizes general skills for enhancing the performance of people and organizations. Relevant skills include organizing for effective decisions, building strong interpersonal relationships, motivating others, and running successful teams.

These general abilities are relevant for students on 3 possible career tracks. First, they are relevant to graduates who will be managing others directly out of Fuqua. Second, they are relevant to graduates who are initially hired into technical positions, but who will be required to manage others as they are promoted to higher positions over time. Third, they are relevant to graduates who wish to focus on management consulting.

All Fuqua students gain a basic breadth in functional knowledge through the core courses. This concentration focuses on depth in skills for managing others. The curriculum primarily builds on behavioral research in organizational behavior, psychology, and sociology. However, students are required to gain a complementary perspective grounded in the formal methods of economics and statistics.

Coursework Requirements:

Organizing and motivating (choose 4 of the following courses):
MANAGEMT 738 — Managing Innovation in a Global Organization
MANAGEMT 744 — Managing Decision Making
MANAGEMT 745 — Negotiation
MANAGEMT 746 — Power and Politics
MANAGEMT 747 — Leadership
MANAGEMT 748 — Managing Human Assets and Organizational Change

Managing decisions (choose 1 of the following courses):
DECISION 611 — Decision Models
DECISION 613 — Strategic Modeling and Business Dynamics
DECISION 614 — Forecasting
MGRECON 784 — Game Theory
MGRECON 788 — Competitive Analysis
FINANCE 646 — Corporate Finance
MARKETNG 796 — Market Intelligence

Managing incentives and organizing processes (choose 1 of the following courses):
ACCOUNTG 591 — Managerial Accounting
ACCOUNTG 898 — Management Control and Financial Reporting
MARKETING 807 — Marketing Strategy
OPERATNS 824 — Service Operations Management
OPERATNS 828 — Distribution/Supply Chain Management
STRATEGY 841 — Strategy Implementation