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International Clubs

Fuqua's Daytime MBA Association (MBAA) supports various international business clubs reflecting and representing a variety of regions, cultures, business approaches, and social interests. For a complete list of Fuqua's student clubs, visit the MBAA website. All clubs are open to students, faculty, and staff.


Asian Business Club (ABC)

Fuqua's Asian Business Club is committed to being a focal organization for Asian graduate business students at Duke University. Our goal has been to help integrate Asian students into the Fuqua community through involvement and collaboration with other Fuqua units. At the same time we serve as a link for the Fuqua community and the Asian region. The club's purpose includes:

  • Fostering strong and long-lasting friendships within the ABC and between its members, the Fuqua community, and other Asian organizations, both at Duke University and at other MBA schools
  • Assisting all ABC members in the management of their career objectives, including learning about and generating career opportunities for members both in the U.S. and in Asia
  • Actively promoting Fuqua's brand throughout Asia and within Asian communities across the world by partnering with alumni and the admissions office.

For more information, please visit the student clubs page.

European Business Club

The aim of the European Business Club is to promote European interests at Fuqua and Fuqua interests in Europe.

Our goal is to facilitate and help in the job search for those Fuqua students, both U.S. and non-U.S. citizens, interested in working in Europe as well as increasing knowledge and awareness of European issues. In this respect, we maintain close contacts with other Fuqua clubs involved in parallel activities and with alumni in Europe.


INDUS is the South Asian Business Club at Fuqua. The purpose of INDUS is to promote awareness of the cultures in the countries of the Indian subcontinent—India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bhutan—and to provide a homey atmosphere for the students and families from the region. INDUS is comprised of students and partners who participate in community events such as Navratri, and Fuqua events such as Fuqua Friday and the International Food and Music Festival.

International Business Club (IBC)

The International Business Club (IBC) is one of the drivers of globalization at Fuqua. It promotes cultural inclusiveness and awareness of global economic trends. In addition, IBC helps Fuqua students identify challenging international careers, while providing Fuqua recruiters with the high caliber brain power they seek.

In tandem, IBC supports the efforts of international students to acclimate to the United States and the Fuqua environment, as well as provide a forum to address issues concerning international students.

Career Development Support:

  • Improve international students' awareness of cultural differences to facilitate a successful job search in the US.
  • Additional resume reviews for international students.
  • Additional mock interviews for international students.
  • Support networking activities.
  • Help identify international employment opportunities.

Cultural and Social Events:

  • International Food and Music Festivals.
  • Social mixers with first and second year students.
  • Interaction with other international clubs to increase the involvement of the international student community at Fuqua to share their culture in organized events.
  • Meet members of other business schools' international clubs.

Latin American Student Association (LASA)

The Latin American Student Association represents more than 14 countries from South America, Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe. We truly believe each member contributes to making the Duke MBA an experience of a lifetime. Members pride themselves on sharing their culture and experiences with the entire Fuqua community and learning about each other in the process. 

Our mission is to:

  • Support the professional development of our members
  • Promote Fuqua's presence in Latin America while strengthening the Latin American presence at Fuqua
  • Build awareness of Latin American culture and foster social interaction among members, partners, and the Fuqua community