Duke - The Fuqua School of Business

Road Map

As you consider how prepared you are academically for a rigorous MBA program, and whether you have the required skills to participate fully, please take into account the following:

Word, PowerPoint & Excel: Executive MBA students depend on their computers for connectivity with the program, the faculty and their teams. To be prepared for the first term of the program, all students must be comfortable with the common office software used at Fuqua: Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. With respect to Excel, you will need the ability to efficiently create, as well as use, the models represented and the documents produced by this software. See more about Computer Skills Requirements.

Accounting & Statistics: Alumni tell us again and again: if you have had limited exposure to financial statements or little experience applying statistical concepts, you may need to begin preparing sooner—before the normal pre-reading period. View Preparation for Accounting and Statistics.

Mathematics: If you have not recently studied or used quantitative concepts much beyond arithmetic, you will need to review algebra and learn a bit of calculus. Learn more about Mathematical Foundations.

Time Value of Money: You should be thoroughly familiar with the concepts and measurement of time value of money. Learn more about the Time Value of Money.

English Proficiency: You will need strong English proficiency to participate successfully in the program. This includes using both oral and written communication. If all your academic coursework was taught in your native language (rather than in English) and if you do not use English during your job, you may need to take formal steps to increase your English proficiency. We suggest some activities to enhance your proficiency. See more about English Proficiency.