Rohan Movva

Hometown: Milton, GA
College/University Attending: Stanford University
Year In School When Selected: First Year
Program of Study: Economics


Hi! I’m Rohan Movva, a current freshman at Stanford University planning on majoring in economics. I’m really passionate about understanding the intricacies of economics and markets, and I find it fascinating to see how everything fits together on a global scale. I come from Milton, Georgia—a fantastic community that’s always been supportive and tight-knit. Growing up there taught me the value of collaboration and community spirit, which made participating in the New Ideas competition feel like a perfect match for me.

Blessed to be from a wonderful southern state, I love going for runs with my dog, playing volleyball, baseball, or football whenever I get the chance, and enjoying anything outdoors. I’m also a huge Atlanta Falcons fan—I’ve watched the last 100+ games.

Summary of New Ideas proposal:

My New Ideas proposal is about a new way of improving community involvement and economic development. It combines technology with traditional community principles with the goal of enhancing interactions with neighbors, members of the same community, and fellow citizens while boosting local economies. The goal is to bring people together, empower businesses, and enhance the overall quality of life in communities. I hope to build a model of community engagement and economic strength that can be replicated in other areas, creating a ripple effect of positive change. We truly can build stronger, more connected communities that thrive both socially and economically.

What does the New Ideas Competition mean to you?

Participating in the New Ideas Competition was an absolutely incredible experience with a mission extremely relevant to today's society. What made this competition truly unique was the extremely collaborative nature, the opportunity to learn from each other's unique perspectives. Engaging with such a wonderful group of people, each passionate about a different niche topic was truly eye opening. This made the feedback from advisors and peers alike all the more valuable, helping me refine my ideas and explore new angles.

Advice for new applicants:

To anyone thinking about applying, do it! My advice is to fully embrace the collaborative spirit of the competition. Connect with as many participants and advisors as you can because their diverse perspectives will really enrich your experience and make your proposal all the better. The journey will be incredibly rewarding, offering you valuable insights and connections that will last well beyond the competition.