Willy Chen Mo
"Fuqua devotes its time and human resources to supporting each student's ambition and encourages us to do the same. I contribute by challenging my classmates to think outside their comfort zone in anything we are doing, whether academics or another environment.”

Daytime MBA

Class of 2018

Prior Education:

Universidad de Lima
Economics, 2009
Lima, Peru

Why I Chose Fuqua

For its collaborative team spirit and enviable location. When I first visited Fuqua, I saw for myself that students, faculty, and staff genuinely care about one another and this spirit also carries beyond the school.

Fuqua is also involved in local social impact activities such as Habitat for Humanity and Stop Hunger Now. I believe this service spirit is related to the MBA program itself and the values it upholds, to which I strongly identified myself. Moreover, I appreciated that the school is largely student-run in everything from study sessions to recruitment preparation.


5 Tips to Maximizing Your Time at Fuqua

  1. Always prioritize. There will be tons of academic, professional, and social events. Not all of them directly align to your interests.
  2. Choose quality over quantity. Get involved as much as you can in activities that really fulfill your expectations.
  3. Trust your team members. Think of them as parts of your body—they can sometimes be your legs, arms, and even your head. Your team is your main resource outside your family.
  4. Allocate time for your family and yourself. Never forget that the most important asset is your health, so try to find time to relax and work out.
  5. Make this a 360-degree experience. Balance your life by embracing new ideas and perspectives, and be ready to learn from and teach others.

My Life Before Fuqua

I was in a global management role with British American Tobacco, an international tobacco company headquartered in London, before moving to DEPRODECA, Peru’s largest distributor of dairy products. Then I joined Buenaventura, the largest Peruvian precious metal producer, in a business development role.

My Life After Fuqua

My goal is to employ technology to disrupt various markets. I am concerned by the high transactional costs required to be in a market and the disadvantages that the poorest suffer due to those prohibitive expenses. The world has an enormous potential for reducing those costs through technology.

My Fuqua Activities

Finance Club, Corporate Finance Chair

Latin American Student Association, Executive Chair

Fuqua Improv Club, Co-President

Duke Graduate Rugby Football Club

Duke MBA Tech Club

General Management Club

Corporate Finance Chair

This role is teaching me how companies are finding the most efficient ways to reduce costs.

What I Love About Durham

Durham is a vibrant and energetic place that invites you to enjoy the outdoors. It’s also a peaceful place to study, allowing you to develop strong bonds with your classmates and community. Durham and its surrounding cities of Raleigh and Chapel Hill are very safe places, which make this a perfect location for my wife and me. One of the things she loves most is cycling with her friends on the weekends.

I also find Durham pretty unique and attractive regarding its history and the future that waits for it. The economy was based on tobacco manufacturing, but now it is well known for its high-end medical achievements and the Research Triangle Park.


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Willy Chen Mo

Class of 2018