Creating New Swag

You're tagged with creating swag for your club or organization's event? Sounds like fun!

Here are a few guidelines and requirements that will ensure this process is enjoyable for everyone:

  • Use a licensed, approved Duke vendor
  • Know how to use the Fuqua logo correctly
  • Get necessary permissions for any non-Duke trademarks and logos in your design
  • Ensure your design will pass the Office of Trademark and Licensing review

Selecting Your Vendor

Duke has entered into licensing agreements with a number of vendors who have met very rigorous criteria--including employment standards, environmental compliance, ethical principles, as well as opening their global facilities to us or our representatives for inspection at any time--in order to be selected as a Duke Licensee. As part of that agreement, all items bearing any of Duke's names, trademarks, logos, images, or those for Duke organizations, departments, events, etc., may only be purchased from Duke Licensees. A list of the more frequently used trademarks / logos can be found here.

Working with a licensed vendor
  •  You are welcome to work with any Duke-licensed vendor, but they must be a Duke Licensee
  •  A Duke-licensed vendor will provide you with guidance regarding what you can and cannot do as far as product choice, the logo design, and the swag theme or association

    Start the swag creation process with a general idea of the type of product you’re interested in, e.g., t-shirts, tote bags, tumblers, etc. Then identify a Duke-licensed vendor who offers this type of product and can meet your price, timing, and product specs.

    • You can find a (very long) list of all licensed vendors approved by Duke University here.
    • To simplify your search, consider using one of the following vendors who are very familiar with Fuqua products:
    Approved Vendors Often Used by Fuqua
    Vendor/Contact Website/Email


    AD RESOURCES 919-384-7904
       Toby Church Email: 919-382-8774
    AD SPICE 919-286-7110
       Nicole Celeste Email: 919-286-4220
    GOLDNER ASSOCIATES 919-647-9270
       Christiana Culligan Email: 919-729-4248
    ID AMERICA 866-957-8964
       Ryan Laferriere Email: 919-306-3780



    Selecting Your Logo

    You've probably noticed several versions of the Duke/Fuqua logo on various items or in a variety of locations at Fuqua. Which of these should you use?

    While the Office of Trademark and Licensing will be the final arbiter of the correctness of the logo, here are some guidelines for selecting one that most likely will avoid redesigns:

    • Your selected logo must have a registered trademark symbol, ® , to the right of the lowest arm on the E of Duke, unless:
      • Your item is so small that the ® will not be legible
      • Your item is made using a process (e.g., embroidery, debossing, etc.) that does not have the level of detail to create the ®
    • You need to include the words "School of Business" unless:
      • Your item is so small that the words will not be legible
      • Distribution of your item will be limited strictly to current students or alumni
    • You must have a border around the logo "box" unless you are using a solid color box on a significantly contrasting color item

    Here are some Duke/Fuqua Logo files to choose from.

    With School of Business
    Without School of Business


    Creating Approved Designs

    Duke-licensed vendors should be familiar enough with what will and what won’t meet Duke trademark and other standards to give you appropriate guidance, so spend some time working with them to devise a design that will pass through the Licensing office.

    • Duke's Office of Trademark and Licensing will not risk tarnishing our trademarks and therefore has identified types of products we cannot connect our brands with:
      • Products that could injure or kill
      • Alcohol-related products
      • Illegal drug-related products
      • Tobacco and related products
      • Sexually-suggestive products or language
      • Gambling-related products
      • Consumables, including health and beauty products (except at official Duke events)
      • Products representing an unacceptable liability risk
      • Products harmful to the mission or image of Duke University
      • Products or language that disparages other universities

    The Global Marketing team at Fuqua has created some specific guidance for using the Fuqua logo which you will find in the Logo Style Guide. Your swag will need to meet these criteria in addition to the University criteria to gain approval for use.

    • Your vendor will be the one submitting your design to Duke’s Licensing Office, and will receive their feedback directly.
    • If there are any issues with your design, the vendor will communicate with you to identify an alternative that will be acceptable to you and will pass through licensing review.

    Typically, Duke Licensing will share designs with the Director of Global Marketing at Fuqua to ensure the Fuqua logo, if used, meets our internal guidelines.

    • Fuqua Global Marketing does not make decisions as to what meets or doesn’t meet Duke University logo standards, including how that impacts the Fuqua logo.
    • Fuqua Global Marketing will review your design for compliance with our logo guidelines, including logo integrity, ® placement, color, box, use of “School of Business”, positioning or clear space between the logo and other graphics or text.
    • Feedback will be shared with the vendor and with you via the Office of Trademarks and Licensing.

    If you aren’t sure that your Fuqua logo design is in compliance with our guidelines, and you would like to expedite the process, you may send the design to Director of Global Marketing for an unofficial review. Note that this will only reflect compliance for the Fuqua logo and not the overall design or any Duke logos.

    Once your design has been approved by the Office of Trademarks and Licensing, you can work directly with your vendor to produce your swag.