Creating New Swag

Tagged with creating swag for your club or organization's event? Here are a few guidelines and requirements that will ensure the process runs smoothly:

  • Use a licensed, approved Duke vendor
  • Know how to use the Fuqua logo correctly
  • Get necessary permissions for any non-Duke trademarks and logos in your design
  • Work with the vendor to have your design submitted through the BrandManager360 portal for review and approval

Selecting Your Vendor

Start the swag creation process with a general idea of the type of product you’re interested in, e.g., t-shirts, tote bags, tumblers, etc. Then identify a Duke-licensed vendor who offers this type of product and can meet your price, timing, and product specs.

Selecting Your Logo

You've probably noticed several versions of the Duke/Fuqua logo on various items or in a variety of locations at Fuqua. Which of these should you use? Head to the Global Marketing wiki to download Fuqua's brand guidance and primary logo suite. 

Here are a few hot tips that will help you avoid redesigns:

  • Your selected logo must have a registered trademark symbol ®, unless:
    • Your item is so small that the ® will not be legible
    • Your item is made using a process (e.g., embroidery, debossing, etc.) that does not have the level of detail to create the ®
  • You need to include the words "School of Business" unless:
    • Your item is so small that the words will not be legible
    • Distribution of your item will be limited strictly to current students or alumni
  • The logo must always contain the box/border around it. All licensed Duke vendors are aware of this guidance

Creating Approved Designs

Duke Licensing will route designs through the BrandManager360 portal and final feedback/approval will come from the Brand team. If you have an idea for a design but are unsure if it will be approved, email the Director of Brand Management at Fuqua for help. 

As a general rule of thumb:

  • Fuqua Global Marketing does not make decisions as to what meets or doesn’t meet Duke University logo standards, including how that impacts the Fuqua logo.
  • If a design is not approved, feedback will be shared with the vendor via the portal so that the appropriate revisions can be made