The real story

First-hand experience can’t be messaged. In our student experience blogs you’ll get a feel for what’s really happening in Fuqua’s programs, from the people who know them best.

These posts are all authentic submissions from members of our community, with individuals writing about topics they care deeply about. Interested in a subject they haven’t covered yet? Contact us and we’ll get the word out to see who might have a perspective to share.

Daytime MBA Student Blogs

Duke Daytime MBA Student Blog

“Most Daytime MBA students live in apartments in the Ninth Street area, however, there are many who don’t—like me. So here are a few students’ reasons why they chose to live where they are and some tips on how to find the place that’s best for you.”


MMS Student Blogs

Duke MMS Student Blog

“I found myself more excited than ever about my future career path. I had been exposed to consulting, which appeared to be a perfect fit. The field appeared to line up neatly with my skills and personality, however, one glaring issue still existed: I had absolutely no experience in the industry.”


MQM Student Blogs

Duke MQM Student Blog

“I didn't know that everyone is alone together. Though that may sound a bit existential, I soon realized that I wasn’t the only one in the program who left everything behind to attend Duke in hopes of building a better life.”


Weekend MBA Student Blog

Duke Weekend Executive MBA Student Blog

“Six months in and we have witnessed an intramural soccer game, Notre Dame versus Duke football game, casino night, Diwali celebration, several dinners with the cohort, and many networking events after classes. Each provided a unique and meaningful way to foster deeper connections with our classmates.”


Global Executive MBA Student Blog

Duke Global Executive MBA Student Blog

“Here’s my story about how I got through all that—plus another move during the program, this time to Europe—and some tips for how others in similar situations can achieve work-life balance. And just a teaser: our relationship has grown stronger and our baby is healthy and doing well.”


Nicholas Skerpon with his MSQM classmates

Duke MSQM Student Blog

"Throughout our program, we have at least four events that bring us to Duke University, including Orientation, a leadership intensive after our second term, a data visualization summit before our fifth term and graduation. These are all opportunities to meet live at Duke to spend time with our classmates and program, build our network and make memories to last a lifetime.”