Developing the next generation of business scholars

Fuqua’s PhD Program in Business Administration prepares candidates for research and teaching careers at leading educational institutions and for careers where advanced research and analytical capabilities are needed.  

At Fuqua, you’ll develop close working relationships with leading scholars in your field in a stimulating and collaborative learning environment. We encourage strong collaborations between students and faculty, both within your academic area and across different areas, in order to foster the groundbreaking interdisciplinary research we’re known for.

Academic Experience

Our PhD program focuses on three critical development areas to prepare you for your career:

  • Independent inquiry
  • Competence in research methodology
  • Communication of research results

From the start, you’ll be introduced to rigorous coursework and the research activities across our faculty and your PhD student peers.

Our Faculty

In our PhD degree program, you’ll work with our world-renowned faculty who are recognized for excellence in both teaching and research, and for their accessibility across degree programs.

Program Requirements

The PhD in Business Administration is a degree of the Graduate School of Duke University and follows the degree requirements set by Duke’s Graduate School.  In general, the PhD program requires an average of 5 years to complete. After you and a faculty member in your academic area determine your specific study program, according to your interests and goals, you’ll be required to:

  • Gain expertise in your area of special interest through your coursework and independent study
  • Complete a preliminary qualifying exam in this area of study by the third year of residence, or earlier
  • Defend your dissertation successfully

How to Apply

If you have any questions about Fuqua's PhD programs, please contact our PhD Program Office +1 919.660.7862 or by email. Applications for the PhD program can be found online on the Duke Graduate School website. The application deadline is December 15.

Admission is based on both merit and on a competitive basis.  On average, each academic area matriculates 2-3 students each year.  The acceptance rate ranges between 2% and 8% across the areas.

    What areas of study do you offer?

    We have study concentrations in the following areas: Accounting, Decision Sciences, Finance, Marketing, Management and Organizations, Operations Management and Strategy.

    Could you evaluate my chances of admissions to the program?

    Please be advised, we cannot offer assessment of candidacy to applicants or provide feedback to re-applicants. The admission decision is made by faculty in each area and awarded on a competitive basis, after evaluating all applications. We encourage all interested candidates to apply.

    Do you have online or part time options for your degree program?

    No, online or part time options are not available for our doctoral program.

    Do you have to be in residence during the program?

    Students are required to be in residence during their coursework (2-3 years) and are highly encouraged to remain in residence for the remainder of the program. On average, students complete the program in 5 years.

    I have a graduate degree. Could I be exempt from the GRE/GMAT test requirement?

    The GMAT or GRE is required for admission to the Business Administration Program. The GMAT or GRE cannot be waived under any circumstance.

    Is there a minimum score for GMAT or GRE?

    There is no minimum score requirement, although successful applicants tend to have competitive scores.

    If I have an MBA degree, will that make a difference?

    Some students have an MBA or another master's degree before entering the program. However, an MBA or another master's degree is not required for admissions.

    Is work experience required?

    No, it is not required.

    Are interviews required as part of the admissions process?

    No, they are not required, although some areas may choose to conduct preliminary interviews prior to final admission decisions.

    How many recommendation letters are required?

    Three recommendation letters are required.

    What financial assistance is available for doctoral students?

    Fuqua offers fellowships to all doctoral students, including international students. This fellowship pays for tuition, a competitive stipend for living expenses, and single person health fees. The fellowship is renewable for up to five years of doctoral education, conditional on good academic standing in the program. Additional funding in the form of research and teaching assistantships is also available to PhD students. For information about financial aid, please see

    Your admission to the PhD program will include stipends, tuition and registration, and health fees for up to ten semesters, provided you are making satisfactory progress in the program.  Other forms of financial assistance include:

    • Desktop computer
    • Support for approved academic travel
    • Assistance in seeking funding from the Graduate School and outside sources

    Teaching and research assistantships are available for supplementary funding.  For additional information about financial aid, please see

    Can I visit the Fuqua School of Business?

    The PhD office is unable to offer school tours or individual meetings with Fuqua faculty before the pre-admit season begins. Contacting faculty prior to application submission is not necessary. Due to the volume of inquiries, faculty members regret that they are unable to respond to all inquiries. Prospective students are encouraged to learn about faculty research.

    Duke's Graduate School

    The answers to the following frequently asked questions can be found at the Duke's Graduate School general webpage:

    • How do I apply to the PhD Program?
    • Do I need to provide TOEFLs or IELTS scores?
    • What is the minimum ESL-related score?
    • If I have an admissions question, who do I contact?
    • How much is the application fee?
    • Are official documents required during the application review process?
    • My transcript is not in English, do I need to provide a translation?
    • What if I retake the GRE or GMAT, which score is considered?
    • How can I check the status of my application?


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