The Duke Certificate of Leadership & Management demonstrates your completion of a customized learning experience expanding your professional competencies and knowledge base. Drawing upon the leading-edge research and teaching excellence of Fuqua faculty, this new Certificate Program enables participants to succeed in the rapidly changing global business environment with sharpened leadership and management skills.  Participants will have the opportunity to get a solid grounding in leadership, and choose electives in management, communication, negotiation, finance, decision-making, and health care strategy.


Holding the Duke Certificate of Leadership & Management speaks volumes about you professionally. The certificate will telegraph to others that you are a business leader who values career growth through continuous development. By customizing the courses you choose, you’ll gain new skills and tools that you can apply directly to your organization, demonstrating your commitment to excellence in your professional goals.  


The Duke Certificate of Leadership & Management can be an effective and efficient way of investing in your high-potential employees. They, in turn, will implement new approaches and model new behaviors within their teams. These new approaches and behaviors will contribute to your firm’s highly competitive marketplace performance and strengthen your organization’s culture of dynamic and profitable performance.


Participants who earn the Certificate of Leadership & Management will:

  • Benefit from a learning experience tailored to their own development needs
  • Learn from top-ranked Fuqua School of Business faculty
  • Network with program participants from diverse industries, roles, geographies, and backgrounds
  • Receive monthly electronic newsletters with information on Fuqua faculty research, events, and programs
  • Gain membership to the private Executive Education LinkedIn Group
  • Elevate their professional brand by promoting the completion of the Duke Certificate of Leadership & Management
  • Receive a certificate signed by the Dean of The Fuqua School of Business

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Certificate Requirements

To successfully earn the certificate, participants must complete the Duke Leadership Program and three elective courses from the following list within a three-year period:

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