Dean Bill Boulding’s Message to the Fuqua Community Ahead of U.S. Election

November 2, 2020

Dean Bill Boulding sent the following message to all students, faculty and staff on November 2, 2020.

Dear Fuqua community,

I write today as we are in midst of a U.S. presidential election that is unlike any I have seen in my lifetime. The amount of vitriol and demonization that is happening on both sides is unprecedented, troubling and potentially creating serious issues in society that may linger beyond when a winner is declared.

Many people in our community have strong feelings about tomorrow and who will win. As we enter into what will likely be an emotional week, please remember we are on the same team. We have a responsibility to care for and support each other. We must approach tomorrow and the days ahead with IQ+EQ+DQ. That is who we are as a community.

  • IQ – We must have the intelligence to understand people will look at candidates and issues and analyze them from their unique perspective and lens. As a result, people will view the same set of facts or choices and come to different conclusions. It may sound basic, but it is also fundamental to understand intellectually that people are coming to conclusions they believe are the best decisions based on how they see the world.

  • EQ – We must also have the emotional intelligence to understand that people will react differently. We need to be sensitive toward reactions of all types – whether people are emotional or truly don’t want to discuss current events. We must have the emotional intelligence to meet each person where they are. At the same time, we must be self-aware. We need to regulate our own emotions and be particularly aware of how our emotions may affect others who may be struggling.

  • DQ- We must have the decency to respect one another, care for one another and try to elevate one another. We must stay connected to one another. We can (and should) disagree but in a spirit of respect and appreciation for the other perspective. Respecting each person is a cornerstone of being a vibrant member of this community. In fact, it is part of how we define Team Fuqua, as way of working that brings out the best in others. We must not let divisions on issues devolve into disrespect or resentment.

Please be kind to each other. Please treat each other with respect. Please remember we are in this together.

Also, if you are eligible to vote, please do so if you haven’t voted yet. It has perhaps never been more important that all voices are heard, respected and valued.

With very best wishes,


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