Take this opportunity to delve into your organization’s culture, values, business strategies, and employment needs. Share personal experiences, highlight alumni achievements, and incorporate time for Q&A and networking to foster valuable connections during the event.

  • Employer presentations are exclusively for Fuqua students.
  • Fuqua’s on-campus, off-campus, and virtual employer presentation time slot options:
    • Evening Time Slots: Monday-Thursday, 50-minute time slots, 7:00 – 7:50 pm
    • Daytime Time Slots: Wednesday only, 50-minute time slots, 1:00 – 4:50 pm
  • Your industry account manager will provide scheduling options to avoid direct employer conflicts (industry/function).
  • There is no charge for presentations.  Campus format options include several flat spaces and classrooms.
  • Catering can be added at an additional cost. Refer to Event Space & Catering Options for more information. 
  • Requests are to be submitted directly through Fuqua’s CareerBridge.
  • MMS, MQM, Working Professional, and Alumni recruiting events follow custom timing. Contact your industry account manager for more information.

Helpful Hints & Best Practices: Employer Presentations

We surveyed hundreds of students to collect feedback on the most compelling employer presentations. We've compiled actionable insights for future events:

  • Showcase Fuqua alumni as presenters or moderators.
  • Avoid information that can easily be found online.
  • Be open and genuine about any memorable events/struggles and/or personal stories while serving in roles within the company.
  • Be interactive but avoid singling out students. 
  • Close with “Next Steps”. Share any upcoming networking events or diversity programs.
  • Recording your event is recommended. Following the event, it can be shared with Clubs for distribution.
  • To share your organization’s marketing materials, a company may display QR Code signage. Please refer to Fuqua’s Green Recruiting & Shipping Information for more information.
  • After the event, personalized follow-up with attendees will help maintain connections and move candidates through the hiring process.

Clearly articulate where to find information about:

  • Available roles for the target student population;
  • Hiring timeline;
  • Application processes;
  • Preferred candidate profile;
  • Team culture and alignment with Team Fuqua.

Find innovative ways for students to learn about your organization and interact with employees:

  • Broaden a panel's scope by featuring alumni with varied backgrounds and expertise.
  • Discuss a real-life case study.
  • Provide practical work examples and teach an applicable skill.
  • Incorporate networking either at the session or with Office Hours the next day.
  • Conduct a virtual office tour.

    For off-campus presentations:

    • Consider student transportation options to maximize event attendance.
      • For example, is the location walkable, close to a bus stop, or is your organization willing to provide transportation to attendees?
    • If a networking segment will be incorporated, provide clear signage directing students to representatives (ie., by office, function, etc.)
    • Utilize a microphone during the event, as off-site events may pose communication challenges.  
    • Provide your industry account manager with recruiting representatives' contact information for additional student follow-up.  

    For virtual presentations:

    • Encourage students and presenters to turn on cameras.
    • Designate one presenter to monitor the chat for questions.
    • Organize breakout rooms by question, function, geography, offices, etc., to enhance engagement.
    • Allow students to join & leave at will.

    Campus or other in-person event: 

    • 5 Min: Introductions
    • 20 Min: Formal Presentation
      • Focus on information not easily found online
      • Walk through case study/teach something
      • Be interactive, but don’t put students on the spot
    • 20-25 Min: Q&A and/or Networking (by function, office, etc.)

    Virtual event:

    • 5 Min: Introductions/Initial Engagement
      • Incorporate “polite” way to get students engaged
    • 20 Min: Formal Presentation
      • Focus on information not easily found online
      • Walk through case study/teach something
      • Be interactive, but don’t put students on the spot
    • 5 Min: Open Q&A (if students have questions)
    • 15 Min: Themed Breakout Rooms
      • Organize by question, function, geography, office, etc.
      • Allows students to join & leave at will
    • 5 Min: Wrap-Up & Next Steps
      • Highlight key steps in the recruiting/hiring process
      • Direct students to office hours/coffee chat sign-up process
    • 5-10 Min: Stay Online For Any Final Questions
      • Some students may ask questions as the crowd thins

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