Multi-school recruiting events may be employer-facilitated or Fuqua-facilitated. Given the centralized format, these events can be more resource-efficient for recruiting teams as they simplify scheduling, communication, and overall event management.


  • Employer-facilitated multi-school recruiting event requests may be submitted to CareerBridge for visibility and student registration. Contact your industry account manager to coordinate event timing and prevent scheduling conflicts.
  • Fuqua-facilitated multi-school recruiting events may be listed in CareerBridge for employer registration. In cases where these events are facilitated through an alternate platform, your industry account manager will be able to provide registration details. 

Fuqua-facilitated multi-school recruiting events typically include students in a common program at different schools. For example, all MBA students from a few MBA programs; or all specialty master’s students across several universities. Event options may vary from year to year but generally include:

  • Virtual interview forums, which allow employers to pre-select candidates for specific opportunities from multiple schools for an interview. These interview schedules are coordinated and facilitated similarly to campus interviews.
  • Virtual networking or career fairs, which enable employers to connect with a variety of candidates from similar programs across multiple schools.
    • Employers have found an increased interest in their organization by posting specific opportunities in advance and encouraging students to engage in one-on-one or small-group conversations with employer representatives. Unlike the interview forums, having a specific opportunity is not required but will likely generate more interest.



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