Connect with Fuqua students in an informal setting, focusing the conversation on your organization’s culture and your own professional journey, while offering practical insights into potential employment opportunities. This structure encourages an open dialogue and is an additional opportunity for a more in-depth discussion and student questions.

  • Office Hours may be individual or group session timeslots.
  • Preferably hosted 1-2 days following an employer presentation. This allows students to process the information provided, adding depth to the discussion.
  • While Office Hours engagements may be evaluative in nature, they should not be structured as formal interviews.
  • Space may be reserved on-campus or sessions may be hosted off-campus or virtually, based on employer’s preferences.
  • Student timeslots can vary; however, it’s recommended for group sessions that the time slot is a minimum of 20 minutes.
  • Requests are to be submitted directly through Fuqua’s CareerBridge.
  • Fuqua Alumni host the most effective Office Hours. Students appreciate the shared Fuqua connection.
  • Typical discussion points may cover (but are not limited to): the range of career paths, needs/demands of roles, the representative’s recruiting and career experience, industry trends, the organization’s culture, next steps, etc.
  • If your team wants to collect student resumes, please select the required “registration document” in your Office Hours request.
  • Student registration opens on Monday at 1 pm, 2 weeks before the week of the event.
  • If your team is hosting virtual office hours, it’s recommended to:
    • Enact the waiting room feature for a seamless transition between sessions.
    • Provide contact information to students in case of a technical error.

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