Many employers are moving away from traditional presentations and/or supplementing engagements to maximize recruiting efforts. We welcome your team to connect with students in an innovative way, showcasing employment opportunities and career pathways. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Case Preparation: Help students understand the types of challenges or projects they would work on by providing a case or problem to tackle during your session.
  • Site Visits: Provide students with a closer look inside your organization.
  • Skills Workshops: Present practical or technical insight that would be helpful to students in their roles.
  • Panels: Give students a “day in the life” perspective with a panel of alumni or senior leaders.
  • Social Events: Interact with students in a relax setting with the aim of networking and establishing connections.
  • Invite-Only Events: Host selective events for more in-depth discussions as your team narrows down the interview candidate list.

Special events may be hosted on-campus, off-campus, or virtually.

Contact your industry account managers to discuss calendar options and scheduling.

Requests are to be submitted directly through Fuqua’s CareerBridge.

  • Start planning the event well in advance with your industry account manager to avoid overlap with previously scheduled academic commitments and/or recruiting engagements.
  • For off-campus special events, consider student transportation options to maximize event attendance. For example, is the location walkable, close to a bus stop, or is your organization willing to provide transportation to attendees?
  • Industry account managers can list your organization’s special event in CareerBridge as an “FYI” for student planning purposes (regardless of whether it is an invite-only event or open to all students).
  • Provide engaging content or activities that will appeal to your target audience. Encourage interaction and engagement throughout the event. Provide opportunities for attendees to ask questions, network with your team, and learn more about your company.

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