During fall and winter breaks Fuqua student clubs partner with the Career Management Center to organize employer visits to cities around the United States. These visits provide students valuable insight as they offer a firsthand look into the employers’ workplaces, values, culture, and operations. Students enjoy engaging directly with professionals and alumni in their fields of interest, potentially creating connections for future career opportunities.

Employer visits typically range from one to three hours and encompass a variety of engagement opportunities: office tour, presentation, case study, panel discussion, fireside chat, lunch, and networking sessions with alumni and/or other team members.

Past trips include:

  • "Week on Wall Street" (Investment Banking & Private Wealth Management);
  • “Day in Charlotte” (Investment Banking);
  • Consumer Packaged Goods Company Visits to New York and New Jersey;
  • Consulting Firm Visits to Atlanta & Chicago
  • "Tech Trek" to the West Coast.

Contact your industry account manager if your organization is interested in hosting students as part of a week-in-cities trip.

  • Create a welcoming environment in an office space that is conducive to hosting students. In advance of the visit, provide students with an agenda, objectives, and expectations.
  • Consider a visit format that educates students about your company, culture, a glimpse into a typical workday, available career pathways, etc. Foster engagement by facilitating interactive Q&A sessions.
  • Give students a tour of your office facilities, highlighting key departments, workspaces, and amenities. This offers insight into your company culture and daily operations.
  • Arrange opportunities for students to network with employees from different departments and levels within your organization. This can include informal meet-and-greet sessions or structured networking activities.
  • Offer hands-on activities or workshops that allow students to experience aspects of your business firsthand. This could involve project simulations, case studies, or team challenges.
  • Ensure that the visit is inclusive and welcoming to students from diverse backgrounds. Showcase your company's commitment to diversity and inclusion initiatives.
  • If you have limited capacity or hiring restrictions, please communicate this during the initial planning phase, allowing the industry account manager to inform students in advance.

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