This process will apply to all contracted non-regular rank faculty including Instructors, Lecturers, Adjunct Professors (all ranks), Visiting Professors (all ranks), Associates in Research, and Teaching Assistants (excluding graders).


“SACSOCS policies require evaluations across all faculty classifications (including adjunct, part time, and teaching assistants) and must :  1: occur at least once every three years; b) occur prior to a contract renewal (if the contract length is less than three years); and c) be documented in writing.  In addition, all research and scholarship positions in Job Family 27, such as Research Scientist, Research Associate,..…should be routinely evaluated.” [1]


Teaching NRR Faculty:

The appropriate Programmatic Dean(s), or their delegate, will review non-regular rank teaching faculty (NRR) at the end of their contracted teaching or once every three years, whichever is shorter. Evaluations must be conducted before a new contract is issued.

The Programmatic Dean, or delegate, will complete and sign the attached NRR Review Form and send to the NRR Faculty (email is acceptable).  If a face to face meeting is not required by either the reviewing Programmatic Dean or the NRR Faculty, as designated on the form , the NRR will return the signed form to the Programmatic Dean (email is acceptable).  The date that the form is signed by the NRR Faculty will be used as the meeting date.  If a meeting is required, the Programmatic Dean will meet with the NRR faculty to discuss their Course Evaluations and any other relevant information regarding teaching.  The details of the meeting will be documented on the NRR Review form and signed by both parties.

Faculty Personnel Services will maintain copies of the completed NRR Review form in the personnel file, or equivalent.  Faculty Personnel Services will enter the meeting date into the defined dFac “Faculty Evaluation Tracking” module.  

Before the end of each academic year, a dFac report will be generated to identify any faculty who require, but have not yet received, evaluation.  Programmatic Deans

Research Faculty- Non-Teaching

Research Faculty who do not teach (e.g., Associate in Research, Post-Doctoral Associate and in some cases Visiting Professor) will be reviewed on an annual basis following the staff performance evaluation process.  Faculty Personnel Services will maintain copies of the evaluation information in the personnel file, or equivalent.

PhD Teaching Assistant

PhD students may serve as pre-term course instructors or teaching assistants.  Either the instructor of record for the course, the area PhD coordinator, or the Fuqua Director of Graduate Studies will conduct review of the PhD student teaching contributions.  Documentation of the review will be managed and maintained by the PhD Program Coordinator.

Non-Regular Rank Review Process Form Example


[1] From memo dated April 15, 2019 Re: Non-Regular Rank Faculty Evaluations from Jennifer Francis, Executive Vice Provost