Special Seating, Parking, and Other Accommodations

Do any of your guests attending Saturday's ceremony at Cameron Indoor Stadium require special seating or parking accommodations due to mobility impairments? Do any of your guests need to request special security accommodations? Students should fill out the Special Accommodations Request Survey to let us know your guests' needs. Students will receive confirmation and additional directions to share with your guests as the date of graduation approaches.

The deadline to request special accommodations for your guests is Wednesday, May 1st, 2024.

Seating Request

Guests at the Fuqua graduation ceremony are generally seated on the upper level of Cameron Indoor Stadium. Graduating students can let us know if any guests have difficulty with stairs so we can make arrangements for seating on the ground floor.To request seating on the ground floor for your guest(s), students must complete the survey linked above to ensure space is reserved. Guests with ground floor access can be accompanied by additional guests so they do not have to sit alone. You will need to indicate how many seats total you will need on the ground floor and if you have any guests in wheelchairs for us to plan for. Note, the best seating to see and hear the ceremony is found in the upper levels so if your guests don't have mobility concerns, the upper level is preferable.

Proximity Parking

If any guests have mobility impairments or severe health conditions that would require them to park closer to Cameron Indoor Stadium, students must complete the survey linked above to request access to proximity parking. This parking access is extremely limited, so please only submit a request if you or your guests have serious mobility or health conditions that require these accommodations. General parking for graduation is in the Science Drive Parking Garage.

We cannot guarantee parking in the designated proximity parking lot but we will do our best to ensure there are enough spots for the number of parking passes requested by those with mobility impairments. Only registered guests will be allowed to park in the proximity parking lot. There will be parking and event staff on hand to help direct guests to available parking, in addition to "Event Parking" signs throughout campus.

For students who request proximity parking via the survey linked above, the pass will will be emailed from the Office of Student Life prior to graduation.

Security Accommodations

Students can request special security accommodations for any of their guests who might need them through the survey linked above.