MSTeM Track

While the core Master of Management Studies: Foundations of Business curriculum provides a rigorous foundation in general management to support early career roles in business as well as your long-term success, you can enhance your MMS skillset by adding a STEM-focused (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) track that supplements the degree.

In the MMS MSTeM (Management Science and Technology Management) track, you’ll gain exposure to additional quantitative tools and business related applications for managing technology. International students who plan to work in the U.S. after graduation may also find it valuable as it will extend their OPT (Optional Practical Training) privileges.

MSTeM Track Curriculum

You’ll take three additional courses to complete the MSTeM track. Each course will account for two credits, for a total of six additional credits to the 43 credits in the MMS: Foundations of Business general management program.

These courses will leverage new learning technologies in combination with a traditional teaching approach, including online modules from Fuqua or Duke University resources, recorded video lectures, and face-to-face on-campus classes. Required courses:

Programming Fundamentals for Business

The processing power and volume of data available to most large businesses can be leveraged in decision making, planning, and tracking through data analytics. You’ll understand why programming is increasingly becoming an essential skill to launch a successful career. Learn fundamental programming skills using R, one of the most common programming languages used in data analytics, as the underlying language because of its flexibility and simplicity. Ultimately you will be prepared to use R as a programming language for data analytics, and be able to manage basic coding for your organization.

Foundations of Data Analytics for Business

Learn the core ideas behind data science, challenges associated with data, and how data science and business decisions interact. Explore general principles that stay constant despite rapid technology changes, become familiar with specific algorithms and technologies currently in use, and develop methods for a “hands-on” analysis of actual datasets. As you develop “data-analytic” thinking skills, you’ll understand how data can improve performance, identify opportunities, and assist in decision-making. You’ll be able to conduct quick pilot studies as well as interact effectively with experts and consultants, greatly increasing your contribution to your organization.

Technology and Business

Understand how technological innovations affect the way businesses organize, compete, and ultimately deliver value. Technology innovations, from the steam engine to the Internet, have had a profound impact on business and society. Although these transformations have varied both across industries and in the time required for broad acceptance, each has had a high degree of uncertainty around its implementation and adoption. Today, large amounts of interconnected data, vast computation and high-speed communication powers, and advancing analytics techniques such as machine learning, are producing a similar transformation. Learn how to evaluate and adapt to these and future potentially transformative technological changes, while ensuring your organization’s use of new technology is fair, efficient, and conducive to growth.

MSTeM Track Format

MSTeM track requirements are scheduled so you can complete this coursework without requiring additional time on campus. You will graduate with your MMS: Foundations of Business class with no delays in starting your new career.

  • The Programming Fundamentals for Business course is delivered in online modules, with additional in-person class meeting times. You will complete this course during the 6-week Summer term.
  • Foundations of Data Analytics for Business will be taught on-campus during Fall Term 1, in a traditional face-to-face class format. This class meets every Wednesday, a day when few other Fuqua classes are scheduled.
  • Technology and Business will be offered using a blend of recorded lectures and on-campus classes on Saturdays in the spring semester (Spring Terms 1 and 2)

Additional Optional Practical Training (OPT) Eligibility

The MSTeM track carries a STEM designation, giving international students who meet certain requirements the opportunity to work in the U.S. for a total of 3 years (24 months of STEM OPT extension beyond the regular 12 month OPT).

Additional Tuition Requirements

Additional fees apply for the MMS: Foundations of Business MSTeM track. Learn more at Tuition + Costs.

MSTeM Track Tuition

Pursuing the MSTeM track during your program opens additional career possibilities for you in the field of analytics. There is an incremental tuition fee for this program.

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