Duke University's Fuqua School of Business is at the forefront of business education worldwide. Our rigorous curriculum, responsiveness to new ideas, and emphasis on leadership and teamwork coincide with the collaboration and creativity required by today's business challenges. 

Fuqua's Career Management Center will work with you to develop a tailored strategy to meet your hiring needs and achieve your recruiting goals. We will collaborate with your organization to help you access students from our portfolio of programs (including alumni) in an efficient, professional manner.

Sector directors in the CMC

Program Portfolio

With its diverse programs, Fuqua offers a talented pool of students and alumni who are positioned to meet your recruitment needs and excel in your organization, nationally and internationally.

Experience Level MMS/
MQM: Business Analytics
MQM: Health Analytics Daytime MBA Global Executive MBA/ Weekend Executive MBA Alumni
0 – 2 years
Χ       Χ
Early Career MBA
3 – 5 years
  Χ Χ Χ Χ
Mid-Career MBA
5 – 10 years
  Χ Χ Χ Χ
Senior Leader/Mid-Career MBA
10+ years
  Χ   Χ Χ

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